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Monday, January 31, 2011
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Has the weird weather patterns lately been leaving your skin parched, dry, and in need of a serious boost in moisture? I know that's what my skin has been going through. The humidity in the air has caused my skin to be seriously devoid of moisture, making it dry and patchy!

Just like how you're always applying lip balm and moisturizers when you're in colder countries/regions. The humidity in the air saps your skin of its moisture, leaving it thirsty for moisture! True enough that your moisturizer hydrates it adequately for normal weather, but is it enough when it's been hot and suddenly cold/humid these days?

The answer is a big fat NO.
That is, unless you already have dry skin and are using products that hydrate.

If so, then how?!

The solution is...

Mask sheets provide an instant moisture boost (sometimes with added effects of whitening, firming etc etc) that would take days for daily moisturizers/cleansers to achieve. As they are fitted to your skin, the gooey goodness of the essence it has been soaking in gets transferred on and in to your skin, deep under the epidermis, to give you a natural-looking, glowing from the inside, radiance that is hard to achieve with moisturizers in a matter of minutes!

Mask sheets also provide an alternative solution to achieving your "dream skin" without having to change your skincare products.

For example,
X has very dry skin, therefore, she always uses skincare products that are very hydrating so that her skin will not get patchy and flaky. Of late, she has noticed that her skin is beginning to feel less supple and firm. She wants to get firmer skin, but how?

Option 1:
Switch completely to skincare products that firms your skin.
Pros: Achieve goal of firmer skin.
Cons: Unsure of how long it takes to get firmer skin. Spend $ to get new products and leave old ones untouched (Firming products are NOT cheap). Products that will firm the skin will tend to compromise on the hydration, therefore skin may still feel dry since it is relatively lower on hydration factor.

Option 2:
Switch to skincare products that firms your skin. Use it alternately between hydrating ones and firming ones.
Pros: Achieve goal of firmer skin without wasting old products.
Cons: May have allergic reaction mixing the products. Firming effects will take longer to commence. Spend $ to get new products (Firming products are NOT cheap).

Option 3:
Use firming mask sheets.
Pros: Cheaper alternative. Hydration levels are really high. Instantly firms and results are obvious.
Cons: Keeping the mask on your face.

The verdict as to which option you'd choose is quite obvious isn't it?

Earlier this month, my doorbell rang early in the morning at 9.45AM. There, standing, was a mailman delivering the savior of my skin to me.

3 boxes of Love More's masks!!

They were sponsored for reviewal purposes by TheSampleStore and Lush Group (The group that invited me for ElishaCoy's launch party).

Instead of the two boxes that we were told, we got three boxes! How generous is that!! (I think 99 other bloggers also got 3 boxes each!)

The masks we got were randomly selected but we were told that we would be getting 2 normal boxes and 1 3D box so that we can review more ranges of their newly launched masks.

Some background on Love More:

  1. One of the Best Selling Mask Brand in Taiwan
  2. Contains Imported ingredients from Japan, Australia, Brazil, France, Swiss & Scotland
  3. Individual package is the design of envelopes
  4. 6 types of masks with different benefits
  5. 3 types of 3D Mask with ear-hooks
I really really love the packaging! It is definitely something i would buy off the shelves of stores when i see them.

Also, they have not only 1 but 2 brand ambassadors endorsing their brand!

Their Taiwan Ambassador is Tiffany Hsu Wei-ning

Her sparkling, glowing, luminescent, clear and iridescent skin is to DIE FOR! And her jaw line!!
Worthy ambassador for the 3D masks!

And their Hong Kong Ambassador,

Kary Wu.
Her skin also looks super good, no? This is a poster of her upcoming concert!
Kary's testimonial of the mask:
“I finally finished my work, and the first thing that I do when I reached home is to pamper my skin! I want to recommend "LOVE MORE MASK" which I use daily to everyone! Other than pampering my face, I think it is important to take good care of my neck too! This 3D mask fits perfectly to my face, and the ear-hooks wraps my face and neck~ you will turn beautiful and fair with just 20 minutes a day! To babes who want to become prettier, let us enjoy "LOVE MORE MASK's" Magic!!”

Time for my review!

Mask number 1.
Australia Agar-agar lifting mask!
Benefit: Lifting and Tightening, Supple feel, Smoothing

Whitening Rating - 4 stars
Moisturising Rating - 5 stars
Hydrating Rating - 4 stars
Absorption Rating - 5 stars
Fitting to skin Rating - 5 stars

Very cute envelope packaging (:.

Suitable for all skin types, it's key feature is it's lifting and firming benefits. Main Ingredients are, Kappaphycusm ,Butylene Glycol, Gingko Biloba Extract, Rhodochrosite extract, Coenzyme Q10 and Placental Protein.

As the illustrations above shows, as the mask stays on your skin, the goodness is all absorbed into your skin, leaving your skin sparkling after absorbing all the essence!!

Neatly packaged mask...

Open it and fit it onto your face..

Very good material. Thick and comfortable. Substantial unlike some other masks.

And to prove that tons of essence were given to be soaked up into the sheet...

still got excess lor!

Wait 15 mins~20mins (i normally do until the mask sheet is nearly dried up on my skin though heheheh) before taking it off....

Hmmm mask still has some bit of essence? Don't waste!!

Can apply on arms and legs!


See how much essence goes into one small packet of mask? NOW YOU KNOW.

My verdict:
Mask has a pleasant smell (almost a peachy smell?) and cute packaging. Fits onto face VERY well and essence is quickly absorbed after removing mask. No sticky after-feel. Face feels supple, moisturized and tighter. Pores are also relatively smaller.


Mask number 2.

Japanese Pearls Firming and Whitening mask.
Benefits: Firming, Whitening, Tightening. Supple feel.

Whitening Rating- 5 stars
Moisturising Rating - 4 stars
Hydrating Rating - 5 stars
Absorption Rating- 5 stars
Fitting to skin Rating - 5 stars

Also suitable for all skin type, its Main Ingredients are Hydrolyzed Pearl, Job’s Tear Extract, Placenta, Collagen, Hydrolyzed Silk

I absolutely adore the colour combination of this pack!

When we were told that the masks will be allocated randomly, i was really hoping that i would be able to get this because what's better than whitening+smaller/slimmer face!!

The very very moist mask.

See the essence at the side? Unbelievable! How they make money like that!!

See the fit of the mask!

Very good right! (Pardon my messy hair hehehe. My fringe was pinned up and my hair was messily tied back)

Remember to always massage the remaining essence into your skin for optimal absorption!

My verdict:
LOVE IT. The magical part is you can actually FEEL your skin tightening and almost LIFTING up the fats. Skin feels really supple after use and the smell is also very pleasant. Immediately after using the mask my skin felt and looked soooo good! I can't even believe my eyes. I think i almost went one foundation shade lighter!


Mask number 3D!

Japan Electric Ore Peptide Firming Duo Lifting Mask(with ear-hooks)
Benefits: Tightening and Firming, Anti-aging, Supple feel

The third and last mask of my review is the star of the whole range of masks. The 3D mask!
It has ear hooks and has an extra chin piece to pull up and tighten your chin.

Adios double chin!!
Suitable for all skin type, and Main Ingredients are Bentonite, SFish Collagen Peptide, Prezatide Copper Acetate, Nanopeptide -1, Syn-Ake, Coenzyme Q10

Simple instructions on how to fit the mask.

Ear hooks. Then pull up the chin part to your ear ^^. (This is the part that burns off the fats from double chin!)

What it should look like.

My verdict:
Super duperly great! A definite MUST TRY. For those who wants a smaller, slimmer, "V"er-shaped face, this is your solution! They have whitening ones too. My face experienced a tingling, light burning and a numb feeling (esp at my chin) while i had the mask on. My chin really WENT DOWN IMMEDIATELY after using the mask! The mask didn't have much of a smell but didn't smell unpleasant.

I gave my sister one to try and here's her verdict:
Experienced a tingling feeling when it was on my face. Good fit. Skin felt tighter. Absorbs quickly. Face felt numb while using. Affordable pricing and cute packaging. 4.5 stars/5.


Wanna get your hands on a piece of Love More's mask?

TheSampleStore is letting you sample a retail sized piece FOR FREE. (You only have to pay for mailing!)
Click here to check out latest samples! You can even try out the 3D whitening mask!!

What's more! With that single piece of mask, you can get a chance to win a hamper worth $100
from Lush Group!!
Take a picture with Love More Facial Mask contest
Submit 2 pictures onto Lush Beauty(
Facebook Contest Page (1 with the mask on your face, and 1 showing your face and the type of mask you are using)
Submission period: 4 - 9 Feb 2011
Voting period: 10 - 17 Feb 2011

Don't want to take part in that contest but still want to get the mask? Here are your options!

1. Take part in my giveaway!!

I will be submitting my photo for the Take a Picture with Love More Facial Mask picture contest. All you have to do to take part in my giveaway is "Like" my picture during the voting period (10~17 Feb),
comment on my blog with your FACEBOOK NAME & A WORKING EMAIL ADDRESS!
Irregardless of whether i do win the hamper, 2 lucky voters will each get a piece of Love More mask, randomly selected (I also have the lavender nighttime whitening mask, thanks to Lush Group) sent to them.
If I do win, the voter who has referred the most number of friends to vote for me will get bits of my $100 hamper. So make sure you refer your friends to vote for me!! (Yes, I will slowly find out how many friends you've referred so if you disabled strangers to view your friends, you're sort of disqualifying yourself..)
Results of the giveaway will be released after the contest ends, and when the recipients of the hampers are announced.

2. Buy one from Watsons or!

3D Mask 5 pcs @ $8.90
Normal Mask 5pcs @ $7.90


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