Monday, February 21, 2011
Recently, the craze for Instax-es has been on the rise. Take a trip around town and you'll see many girls (mostly girls like to use 'em anyway) carrying them and snapping pictures of themselves and with their friends.

Like I mentioned before, my favourite Instax is none other than the Instax 210!

Why? Although it is alot bulkier than the conventional Mini 7s, I like the size of the film and it looks trendier because everything is getting Wide-filmed instead of staying at the conventional Squared ones that Polaroid produces.

And boy do I have a deal for you!!

I remember once, browsing online, I saw that some blogshop was selling the Instax for $175 (a preorder) without the Macro Lens!!

Now, you can get it for $120 WITH the Macro Lens!!

Only @
Alternatively you can click here to be directed

(Picture sourced from the livejournal)

Films are currently exclusively available at $32 per twin pack if you get them with the camera!

Quote "YIJING" when placing order to get the Instax 210 + twin pack films for an overall of $150!!

Sidenote: Apart from the Instax 210, this seller also opens sprees for Instax Mini films!!

So, what are you waiting for! Go and get yours now!! This is such a steal!!

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