Bio-essence, The biggest loser Blogger's event. (Part 1)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011
Early last week, I was invited by TSS to go for a Bio-essence event. It was held at California Fitness (Bugis) and the you'll get to know about the star product that's newly launched in a bit.

Met Himeko at level 1 of the Bugis Tower before we headed up together. There were already quite a few bloggers there before we arrived.

Everyone's wearing their "sports gear" (or the closest possible to sports gear..) because there was a dance workshop after the presentation, but Himeko and I left before the workshop as we both had something on.

There were also other Bio-essence products displayed especially for us to purchase at discounted prices!

The new bird's nest range.

The ATP face slimming on. (Y'know, the one with Vivian Hsu going V V face)

Also got their BB cream! (Love the purple one)

Taking our "before" measurements... (Guessed the product yet??)



See the CHILLI RED bottle? It's the new product from the series -- Celebrity's Choice Inchloss Body Cream EXTRA STRENGTH. (Now you know the reason behind my recent tweets going "OMG MY ARM/THIGH/TUMMY IS BURNING")

It claims to help you lose 1/2 inch in 7 days! (Which is quite a feat considering you'd not have to exercise to gain a slimmer silhouette)

Disclaimer: The product helps you lose inches by helping you firm and tone up your flabby fats, NOT to help you lose weight. Therefore, do not expect loss of weight while using product.

We were then given a presentation about the Inchloss series products. Therefore, let the next tens of pictures do the explanation ^^. (Sorry for the lousy lighting. It was really bright that day and there weren't any curtains.)

The Inchloss body scrub and creams are unisex. So guys who have been meaning to get in shape, this is a good start for you!

Complete series of Incholoss products.

Ingredients list.

P/s: The guidelines show you how you should massage the body scrub and cream ^^.

The scrub is pinky/reddish and smell rather warm-ish(??). The micro beads exfoliate your skin and makes it really smooth! However, the scrub is a little watery so be careful of how much product you dispense. The heat from this product is barely felt, but leaves a soothing and slightly warm and tingly feel on your skin.

Instructions on how to use!

What led Bio-essence to launch the extra strength body cream was actually this "first generation" body cream which had been a best seller every year for it's effectiveness!

Testimonial from their Celebrity user: Aileen Tan!

Other members of the public also wrote in their testimonials!

Notice that the last testimonial was from a guy? YES. As i mentioned earlier in the post, the inchloss series is unisex. So guys, don't be ashamed of using it (;.

Following the "first generation" body cream, here is the EXTRA STRENGTH cream. (Previous body cream has a heat level of 4 stars and firming speed of 3. EXTRA STRENGTH has 5 stars for both the ratings!)

They have more or less the same usage instructions. The direction of massaging the cream/shower scrub are the same though (:.

Next up,

How many of you have THIS PROBLEM??


Cellulite appear lumpy because the fat cells are unhealthy! (imagefrom google)

BUT FRET NOT. Bio-essence has a solution for you too!


Instructions for use:

Of course as you gain weight, your boobs tend to grow. BUT, the horrible truth is that as it grows bigger, the chances of it sagging are HIGHER. With your body getting slimmer, surely you'd want shapelier breasts too. (Guys, feel free to skip forward)


For a shapelier silhouette

And the tips to counter weight and flab gain!

Himeko and I had to leave early so we missed out on the dance workshop :/.

Here are the products we got to try out! (:

Each box comes with a measuring tape for you to measure your 'before' and 'afters' ^^

Part 2's post will be up soon! Stay tuned!


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