Ginvera's New Additions to the Green Tea Family.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011
I always look forward to seeing packages sitting on my table when i reach home at night because they're always full of wonderful stuffs ^^. Hehe.

And from none other than TSS!

I'm sure Ginvera is a very well known brand in Singapore.

Bet you would have seen this at least SOMEWHERE before.

Yep! The Green Tea range from Ginvera!

A couple of the the best known products will have to be the Green Tea Marvel Gel

Surely you'd remember their famous challenge! The results were that all 100% of participants had their blackheads removed!

And the Jade Dark Eye Circles Roller

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I, myself, am also a fan of Ginvera's Green Tea Whitening Series (I own the cleanser and both the day/night cream ^^)

Okay, enough about these existing products. Let me show you what Ginvera has formulated to join with the range of Green Tea Whitening products!

The new products are actually a moisturizer and a BB (Blemish Balm) cream!
They are the NEW Aqua Whitening Cream(with Oil Control) and the NEW Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream!

First and foremost,
The Aqua Whitening Cream (which i ADORE).

I had always been a great fan of Ginvera's Green Tea Whitening Range. Even before the launch of this range of products, I already own their cleanser and both the day/night moisturizer. One of the thing i prefer with the new moisturizer is that it is lighter than the day moisturizer (in terms of texture) because it doesn't have SPF (which makes it ideal for both day/night usage).

I like that the moisturizer had a faint yet very pleasing green tea scent (like japanese green tea? It smells so good i could just sniff it all day long, serious.) and blends into the skin really quickly and smoothly. It's really light and not as creamy as it seems. Also, it leaves your skin smooth (not sticky!) after application. It really controls the regulation of sebum on my face well enough (I have combination skin) so extra points for that.

Plus, it gives my skin such a translucent and radiant finish that doesn't wash me out!

Next, the Nude Cover BB Cream.

The BB Cream has a very slim bottle casing, which makes it really easy to fit it into your bag/makeup pouch. Here's a rough gauge for size.

It has a rather watery texture and coverage is good (and buildable). I like that it looks really natural but still covers up your imperfections. Also, it feels light on your skin and as though you're not wearing make up at all. It doesn't have as much of a scent as compared to the Aqua Whitening Cream.

It also does a very good job in brightening my skin WITHOUT washing me out and making me look ghastly. I really really love it for the fact that it blends into your skin tone nearly seamlessly (If you blend it properly, that is)

With long term use, these two products are supposed to lightening your skin tone, (thus the "Whitening" aspect). However, i do recommend you use the products as suggested:

Contemplating whether or not to buy these products as...?
1. You're not sure whether they're good (or as good as i claim them to be).
2. You're not sure if they'd break you out / your skin will be sensitive to it.
3. You want to make sure they suit your skin tone.

GET A FREE SAMPLE FROM GINVERA'S FACEBOOK PAGE! (Even delivery fee is waived!!)

Simply "LIKE" Ginvera's Facebook Page (HERE) and redeem your sample via the Free Sample tab on the left (HERE)

Simple as that. Samples will arrive in your mailbox within 2 weeks from when you request for it!


  1. So do you think i should get it! It'd be my first bb cream. And i wasc choosing between, za's concealer towards bb creams! :o Sorry if i sound rather confusing though :( haha Im sorry to ask but between those 3 bb creams ( Maybellim,Ginvera and bio essence) which should i get? Thank you :)

  2. @Anon
    Hmm, it kinda depends on what you are looking for in a bb cream, and the skin type you have. I don't have enough information on your skin and preference to advise you on which should you get :/

  3. >_< i have sensitive skins and sometimes my skin looks dull looking. Hmm i also have some spots on my face.. :( im sorry to bother you!

  4. @Anon
    Haha its okay dear! All three are good for sensitive skin. I would recommend Maybelline's for a more radiant look, Bio-essences' for better coverage, and Ginvera's for whitening (:

  5. Why thank you so much girl! Are you using bb cream towards your regime? :)

  6. @Anon
    You're welcome! I usually treat BB cream as a form of makeup (foundation/concealer) so its not part of my skin care routine. However, on days when i don't want to wear makeup but my skin doesn't look that great, i usually mix a little of BB cream with my moisturizer to make a tinted moisturizer :P.

  7. So for a radiant look will it make my face look freshier? for the maybelline's bb cream!

  8. @Anon
    Yes it will! It will brighten up your face without washing it out!


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