Bio-essence, The biggest loser Blogger's event. (Part 2)

Thursday, May 19, 2011
(Pictures in this post are credited to TSS, bio-essence and various bloggers as I lost the photos i took T_T.)

Remember i recently blogged about Bio-essence's Biggest Loser Event that was held at California Fitness (Bugis)? Well, after one week of usage of the Inchloss products, we were invited to go OG Orchardpoint to take our "after" measurements and reveal who is the "Biggest Loser"

I was the first to reach there and when everyone reached, we proceeded to take our "after" measurements!



We then took our seats and chatted/mingled/took pictures while we waiting for some of the bloggers who were late to arrive before they announced the results.

(Pictures from Carrie)

After everyone's arrived, we took our seats and the revelation of the "Biggest Loser" commenced!

Raise your hand if you lost CMs in the 7 days.
(Everyone lost some inches (or rather CM) during the 7 days! That's how good it was. I even had two buffets in lieu of Mother's Day celebration and STILL managed to lose CM. Flabs, BEGONE!)

I had taken a picture of my "before" and "after" measurements, but i lost it so ):.
But overall, i lost a good amount of 3.7cm! ^^. (1.9cm off my right thigh!!!!)

The winner of the $300 hamper (BIGGEST LOSER) actually lost WHOOPING 12.5CM!!
The two runners up both lost10.5CM!

Well, that's about it for the post-usage event ^^. Ending off with a group photo!

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