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Tuesday, May 24, 2011
As all of you would know by now, I'm a serious procrastinator. (In uglier terms, I'm plain lazy and always push things back and when i do eventually blog about them, they're super overdue.)

Here are my some of the "somewhat new" and "new" stuffs I bought "recently".

(This is actually just a filler post X_X, so reviews of the items will be up on another post..... eventually.)

Also, with regards to the ring light, it was a DIY project and i got TONS of help from Jaslin and how to go about doing it. She did up a blog post on how you can do it at less than a fraction of how much a normal right light costs (also on how to make a stand for digicams), go to http://justjaslin.blogspot.com to check it out ^^. I'm done with the light, mine's quite different from hers, but i'm very definitely lacking a stand.

1. New stuffs from M.A.C

a) Matte Blusher in Melba

In the most gorgeous shade of coral. Have been using this as my main blusher all the time after getting in.

b) Lipstick in Honey Love

In the shade of a perfect nude: nude with a hint of pink.

c) Naked Liner (Lipliner)

Also able to use it on other parts (Eg. Waterline)!

2. New wallet

From Charles and Keith (In baby pink, magenta, and lavender)

3. Products from Maybelline and L'oreal

d) Maybelline Babylips lipbalm in Berry
e) Maybelline Clearsmooth BB cream in Light
f) L'oreal Curl Impact Mascara

Bought [d] cause i was really excited about the product after reading about it on magazines. At $5.90, it's a steal!

I bought [e] specially to take part in Maybelline's Face of The Week contest

(and because i wanted to try it previously but couldn't find any reason to increase my collection of BB creams) and actually WON myself a year's supply of Maybelline products.

I went to collect them today and BOY were they generous. That'll come up in another post, together with my Nivea hamper, so stay tuned k.

I bought [f] because i read many blogger's blogs and they were all raving about it. It really works. Really curls and lengthen my lashes!

4. MORE Maybelline products

g) Maybelline Baby Lips in Chery
h) Maybelline Baby Lips in Orange
After i tried (and smelt) [d], i went ahead and two of the three other lipbalms that i didn't get. My favourite is now Cherry because of it's wonderful scent. I however didn't like the Orange one. It smelt quite plastic-y so yeah. I bought it cause I liked Purple hahaha.


  1. HI HI yijing! ^^ hmms, between the bio essence bb cream and maybelline's, which do you think i should get? I've got a rather sensitive skin tho! thank you!!

  2. @Anon
    Hi ^^.
    If I'm not wrong, both BB creams work well with sensitive skin, so it depends on what you're looking for. Bio-essence has 3 types of BB creams (the blue, the silver, and the purple one) all suited for different preferences. I have only tried the purple one, but i would say that even though the coverage is better (being thicker too) than Maybelline's, it does have a rather grey cast and might wash you out a little. Maybelline's is good for daily wear, for a more natural look if you don't want to wear make up after (coverage is buildable, but not as good as Bio-essence's). If you're looking for ones with more coverage, go with Bio-essence's. I recommend you grab a sample of Bio-essence's BB cream from The Sample Store Here and get Maybelline's BB cream sample from any watsons store with a Beauty Assistant (:. P/S: TSS also has many different brands of BB creams for you to try too (http://www.thesamplestore.sg/product/gallery/45/most_recent/0/try-the-ever-so-famous-bb-creams/#list). I know this is a little lengthy, hope it helps ^^.

  3. You mean i could just ask for a maybelline's bb cream sample from watsons and they'll have it? :O Oh wow i did not know that they give out samples too! Thank you alot lot!! I guess i'll go with the maybelline's bb cream :O

  4. @Anon
    I'm not sure if they're available at all Watsons, but they should have it at Watsons stores with a L'oreal/Maybelline BA. I know they have it at Parkway's (:. Hahaha you're welcome ^^.


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