Maybelline's Face of The Week: Prize

Wednesday, May 25, 2011
In my previous post, i mentioned that i won the Maybelline's Face of The Week contest for this week.

Well, i have been winning lots of stuffs lately, including a Nivea hamper from CLEO, and a Sunplay hamper.

Those however, will come in another (and later) post because this post was requested by Chiharu who's recently became a really good friend of mine, hehe. She was the winner of Maybelline's Face of the Week for the week before mine, and i noticed that her hamper had some differences from mine, so she was asking me to quickly post this up hahaha.

So the sister accompanied me to L'oreal's office to collect the goodies! (Maybelline is owned by L'oreal, in case you didn't know) The place was really posh and i loved the design.

GORGEOUS chandelier hehe.

Another "Brand" to add to my plastic bags. (I have L'oreal ones, Elishacoy ones, Bio-essence ones and etc hahah. The brands you normally won't have plastic bags from)

I had ENOUGH control in myself to not open the goodie bag until i had found some place to sit down and examine my prize (besides, digging into it there and then would be rude!). I did take a peek into the bag as Zoe passed it to me though, hehe.

Here's what the one year supply of makeup contained:

Goodies inside a BB generation box.

4 bottles of Maybelline's Clearsmooth BB cream (2 in each shade; Light and Natural) and the full range of Maybelline's newly launched Babylips Lipbalm - Cherry, Berry, Orange and Mint/Menthol. (I bought 3 of the 4 as soon as i saw them in stores!)

More goodies for me inside the box! ^^

(Look how shimmery the eye shadows were!)

2 bottles of Maybelline's Eye & Lip makeup remover.
2 pencils of Maybelline's Eyestudio eyebrow pencil in Brown.
2 of Maybelline's Impact Express Smooth Felt Liner in 01-Very Black.
2 of Maybelline's Pulse Perfection Vibrating mascara in Black.
3 Maybelline Hyper Diamonds eyeshadow palettes (from left to right) inBR2, BU1 and BR1.

4 compacts of Maybelline's Clearsmooth Shine Free Face Powder in 02-Nude Beige and 03-Natural (2 of each, same as the BB cream).
2 of Maybelline's Angelfit Brighten Up Blush (left to right) in Watermelon and Velvet Apricot

Well, that's about it for the year's supply of makeup! Was quite bummed cause there weren't any lipsticks or lipglosses in the package, but the lipbalms did the trick (:. The only thing i DIDN'T like about this was that now there isn't enough space on my makeup shelf to keep them all in!! Time to get a new makeup cupboard @_@.

If you're overwhelmed by the amount of makeup shown, here's the full package stuffed into the box.

Swatches and reviews will be up soon! And also stay tuned for a glimpse at my Nivea hamper ^^.

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