Maybelline's Impact Express Smooth Felt Liner

Friday, May 27, 2011
One of my favourite products to use nowadays are eyeliners. I didn't use to like using eyeliners until one fine day when i decided to get K-Palette's 24 hour Tattoo and then i had been hooked. A good eyeliner really brings your eye makeup to a new level, and is able to make it go from casual to dramatic, and ties your whole look together (And for people who wears falsies, eyeliners help to cover up the "bone" of the lashes). The part i like best, is that it really opens your eyes.

I have tried using pencil/crayon liners, liquid liners, gel liners and what i would call a "pen" liner (which is the category that the 24hours tattoo and this liner is in, or are they called felt-tip liners?), my favourite would have to be pen liners. They are my favourite as apart from being the most convenient to use (you have to use a brush to apply gel liners, which makes it really inconvenient to bring out) they are also as opaque as liquid liners, but alot easier to use.

I'm not the type who'd actually use alot of eyeliner: I only use them to tightline my eyes and to wing out (out, not up into a cat's eye) to give the illusion of a fuller looking lashline and bigger eyes. However, if you don't go overboard with the amount of eyeliner you put, it really works well to give you the illusion of bigger eyes (overdo it and your eyes might look even smaller than before).

Therefore, today i will be reviewing a pen eyeliner (as i would call it) and it's Maybelline's Impact Express Smooth Felt Liner (which i recently got from Maybelline)

The liner is of a comfortable thickness, which makes it easier to grip and control as compared to K-Palette's 24 hour tattoo. The packaging is really chic and timeless too.

The tip of the liner it really thin, which makes this an optimal liner for both thick and thin lines, and also a good choice for people who likes having a cat-eye feel. The liner glides onto your skin nicely, and drawing a nice line is really easily achievable with the liner (+ points for a eyeliner beginner!)

The thickness of the line is easily achieved by the amount of strength used on the pen. It allows for the user to control the thickness of the line at ease, and draw a line with constant thickness. The liner is in 01-Very Black, and i really like that it appears really opaque and not washed out.

It is quite a watery formula, therefore, as you can see, it bleeds a a little. However, it dries really quickly and does not smudge (i tried smudging it after application on the black of my hand). It removes very easily with a makeup remover (picture to be shown next post, which will be a review on the remover ^^)

Ease of use: 5/5
I really like that the liner is of a comfortable thickness which makes it very easy to control the thickness of the line.

Opaqueness: 5/5
It comes out really opaque and i adore it.

Drying speed: 4/5
It dries really quickly but still bleeds a little.

Staying power: 4/5
Haven't worn it out yet, but it still didn't smudge despite me rubbing on it.

Ease of removal: 5/5
Removes easily without effort with a makeup remover. Doesn't leave stains too.

Overall: 4.5/5
A very good eyeliner which could be a good choice for both eyeliner beginners and pros. Especially good for girls who likes their liquid liner but wants more control with the brush, or girls who like the opaqueness of the gel liner but wants something more convenient (:.

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