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Friday, June 24, 2011
Was invited by Maybelline to go for F21's launch at Orchard Xchange as one of their bloggers (the other blogger was Domo) because Maybelline was the official makeup sponsor of the fashion show, and they wanted us to take a look at what you can achieve with their newly launched Hyper Sharp liner.

The launch was for both Orchard Xchange, and their largest retailer there, Forever21. It is the largest Forever21 store in Singapore, over 22,000 sqft (correct me if i'm wrong)! It also has a "Love 21" and "21 Men" section! Next time B won't be so bored when I'm at the F21 there cause when I am browsing through the girls' section, he can look through the men section!

Just look at the crowd!

Got a Forever21 cupcake cause we were part of Forever21's guests!

Domo and I were looking around, finding out where to register, and then we saw this!

Jeng jeng jeng jeng!!
You know those whatever-you-call-them boards where you will see celebs taking pictures in front of the gala premiers and events? YES THOSE TYPE, with the Forever21 logo. Of course, we just HAD to have our pictures taken..

While we were busy snapping pictures and being #shamelessbitches, we got candid-d by the professional photographers there. Then after we took our pictures, they asked if we wanted to have our pictures taken hahaha. Such a #facepalm moment, i swear. TBTS would have laughed at us lor!! ):

Look at what we were wearing, really casual and dressed down FOL. Since it was afterall a fashion event and not a beauty event, we did feel quite out of place (firstly being under dressed and all..) because technically we wouldn't be recognized bloggers in this field, and we felt like some chapalang nobody FOLx2..

This is David, the photographer who wasn't afraid of our shamelessness hahahaha. He also recognized us as bloggers because apparently we are the bunch of people who will go around with cameras and take a ton of pictures of everything hahahaha.

The male emcee and the DJ.

Then.. MORE pictures of us hahaha.

While the SMRT person was giving her speech, a petite blondie popped up infront of us.. and we immediately recognized her as Xiaxue! Of course we wanted to take a picture with her! (Hoping she was not pissed cause we ended up having to take 3 or 4 pictures due to it being blury ~_~.)

So the opening commenced after the ribbon cutting ceremony, and some of singapore's local fashion bloggers were invited to dress the models!



I'm sure you all recognize them!

And, the reason why we were invited to the event...
Maybelline's make up art! Their newly launched Hyper Sharp liner (which i will review in another post) is responsible for the beautiful eye designs on the models!

My hand totally photo-bombed this picture. They were behind the glass so there's a reflection when i take the pictures.

No smudges, dark opaque colour (and so easy to use you can make a design out of them!)

Also, notice how the end of the designs are really clean, sharp, and tapered lines?

Of course, for events, there is always a goodie bag for you to bring home!

Smelled the shampoo, but am not a big fan of it. However, i will still try to get a review done up for it. Chandelier Dreams will expand and venture into doing more reviews!

Thank you Forever21 and Maybelline for extending the invitation to us. I had a good time at the event, and I will most definitely go back to the store sometime soon to browse the wide range of clothing, and possibly get something for the boy hehe. My review of the Hyper Sharp liner will be up soon as well, so stay tuned for that, thank you Maybelline for sending it to me ^^.

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