Maybelline's BB Promo.

Friday, June 17, 2011
Hey babes, I'm sure all of you (if not most) already know I'm gonna be working for Maybelline as their BB Ambassador on the 18th (with is tomorrow) and the 19th as i mentioned previously. Well, there are some changes with the venues and I'll be working at Parkway's Watsons instead on both the days.

If you forgot about the promo, let me refresh your memory!

Maybelline's Clearsmooth BB Cream (comes in Light and Natural) are going for $16.9013.50

and get a lip balm (also from Maybelline, duh) for free!

Let you money go twice as far because as long as we (the BB Ambassadors) are present, (2~6pm on Saturday, 12~4pm on Sunday) you will be entitled to a free Hello Kitty Mascara!

For those of you who are looking to get a new set of make up, here's the time! With my calculations: for $25, you will be able to get a brand new BB cream, lip balm, eyeshadow or blush (to top up the $13.50 to reach $25) and a new mascara. I think that's a very good deal considering i've spent $30 on a mascara. Do drop by and say Hi if you do see me k! ^^.


  1. Hi there! Is every Watsons store having the promotion of giving a free lip balm? I got my BB cream yesterday but i had not receive the lip balm.

  2. @Natalie
    Hi Natalie. For this weekend (18th and 19th), only Bugis and Parkway's Watsons are having this promo of the free lip balm. If you bought it from other outlets I'm afraid you won't get it.

  3. Oh i see. :)
    Anyway, continue a good job of being a beauty blogger! I love your posts and do update us on any promotions. Haha! :)

  4. @Natalie
    Yup (:. Hahah thank you babe! (:. Sure. You can follow my blog on Facebook for more updates too (:.


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