My night time skincare routine

Friday, June 10, 2011
With lots of unglam pictures of me without makeup!

Normally, i think my skin is actually in quite a good condition besides the occasional break outs or when i wear make up over a long period of time. Today happens to be one of the day i had my make up on for say a good 10 hours, so my skin is not that great ):.

I have already drafted out a post to share with all you guys and girls here about everything I know about masks. One of the points I mentioned was "Where do masks fit into your skincare regime" so i decided to post this first before effectively showing where to "plug" the masks into.

Please ignore my peeled off nail polish and the plaster on my finger.

(Picture heavy post. If your mobile/ipod or whatever platform you are viewing on has a limit on the amount of pictures you can view, i would suggest you use your computer to view it as the descriptions are on the photos, and will not be typed out.)

Now, whoever said it was easy being a girl??


  1. whoaw that's a lot of work... that's why you have a clean and bright complexion. nice post :)

  2. @April
    Hahah yes! I usually pile on more at night because that's when our cells regenerates faster. Aww, thanks ^^.

  3. So this all things make you look so sweet without make-up.I am also going to try all this things to get a sweet look as you.


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