Maybelline's BB Ambassador briefing

Wednesday, June 8, 2011
The other day, Maybelline posted on their Facebook wall saying that they were looking for BB Ambassadors in June. I applied, along with a good 90+ other girls, and was lucky enough to be selected as one of their (supposedly 5, but now 4) BB Ambassadors ^^.
Went to L'Oreal's office Yesterday (Monday) for the briefing of the job scope, allocation of slots and for more info about the product we're being ambassadors for. Most of which (the info, that is) i already know, being a beauty blogger and all hahaha.

I arrived there quite early (prolly a good 20mins before the time we were supposed arrive), and luckily, i was not the only one who's early! 16 year old Yan Ling was one of the new friends i made (she was the one who arrived the same time as me!). She's so fresh faced lor hahahaha.

Zoe (she's super cute lor! I know it's weird saying someone who's older than me is cute, but she really is @_@. Jealous hahahaha. I could never pull off the cute look!) was out of the office when we were supposed to be briefed, so Avril (the very friendly and cheery lady who you babes are always talking to on Maybelline's Facebook Page) briefed us before Zoe came back.

Didn't take a picture of them, or of the briefing cause..
1. I was busy taking notes and,
2. It'd be quite rude to go around snapping pictures while Avril and Zoe were briefing us.

The briefing and chat with the girls (including Avril and Zoe) took roughly over an hour and all of us left L'oreal's office with one of this :D.

A Maybelline Tee Shirt!Got mine in M cause i have wide shoulders, but its quite loose for me :/.

(picture credits of bottom part is credited to google and various sources.)

Well, a perk of being Maybelline's BB Ambassador is that we got the heads up on the deals during the Maybelline event! I'll be working at Watsons Jurong Point on the 18th, from 2pm-6pm and Watsons Bugis on the 19th, from 12pm-4pm. Do drop by to say hi to me if you see me k ^^.

Here are the special deals during the event!
In conjunction with GSS, purchase a bottle of Maybelline's Clearsmooth BB cream (comes in two shades, Natural and Light and will be retailing for $16.90 $13.50)

and get a lipbalm (which i can't find a picture for) absolutely free of charge!

And only when we (the ambassadors) are present (Saturdays on 2-6pm, Sundays on 12-4pm), you will get a free Hello Kitty Mascara when you spend $25 and above!

Thinking of buying a new blusher, bb cream or foundation? How about just makeup in general? It's the best time to do it now!

You can also sign up and join the BB generation during the event!

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