Two-toned lace nails

Tuesday, June 7, 2011
I haven't been doing my nails for a while now because i always get really lazy to remove the nail polish and my itchy fingers will have the tendency to peel of the polish..

But the bimbo side finally got over my lazy side and i ended up doing my nails hehehe.
This time i felt it had a more princess-y feel, which is not very me - but still pretty (:.

The lace was a type of nail water-tattoo, not nail art stickers or whatsoever.

I wanted to do a tutorial on how to do your nails like this, but my hands got dirty while painting my nails (and were wet when applying the lace) so i didn't want to dirty my camera. Maybe next time ^^.

But the polish on my right index finger.. IS PEELING OFF AGAIN T_T.

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