Meeting the hound (and the girls hehe)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011
I went out with Trixy and Himeko the other day and they've both already blogged about it (IKR, I'm so inefficient!). Okay, since I'm too lazy to steal their pictures... their blog posts are here (Trixy's) and here (Himeko's).

We met up at Iluma for Asian Kitchen (again) and Elfaine bailed on us last minute due to work commitments.. BOO ):.

K, so anyway, I had my usual chicken at Asian Kitchen, (the same one as when i went with Ning)

And the hound wanted to nom my food!! But non for him muahahahaha.
But the sneaky hound managed to...

Gobble up all our food T_T. NUUUUUU.

So after the meal, we sat down and chatted for quite awhile: Doing what girls do best. Also, doing what bloggers do best!

So....what's new??

Himeko showing off her ring.

She was wearing 2 initially, but was playing with one while we were chatting so it nearly came loose LOL.

After that, we walked around iluma and camwhored (duh!). Most of the pictures are with Himeko so go over to her blog to see it if you're interested!


Pika pika!

So yeah, that's about it. We headed into the arcade to camwhore with the OutRun2 vehicles, but all the pictures are with Himeko~

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  1. the hound is kinda scary lol but all in all girl bonding = good times XD


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