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Wednesday, July 27, 2011
Hello all you dears! I've just taken part in a contest held by Dell and I will like to ask a favour of all of you to help me vote (or help me gather votes!)! You can vote for 3 entires daily, and i really hope that my entry will be one of (or the only one) you're voting for!

Here's my entry link

Before you are able to vote, you'll be prompted to allow the application to your profile. Please allow it or you won't be able to vote!
If you're prompted to a page where you're asked to submit your entry, you can go ahead and skip that and press the "Voting gallery" tab! That's where you'll find my entry, right smack in the centre top row on the first got pushed to the last/2nd last [(my entry is the 6th),page one shows the newest entires] page! Click on my name!

Then, you should be directed to my page (or you can click here again).

Then after my "blog entry" submission, you will see two buttons! Click on the Vote Now button and there'll be a pop up asking you to enter your phone number and NRIC number! (Please don't be scared off by this! They're only needing this so that you're entitled for a lucky draw!)

That's it! You're able to vote for me DAILY and you can gather your friends to vote for me too (since there doesn't need to be mutual connection between us). I'm not sure whether the contest is based entirely on voting, so just in case it is... I really hope to get your help! :D

Once more..

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