Shills Moisturising And Whitening Cold Gel Mask

Monday, July 11, 2011
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Previously when i went for Shill x Judy Lin's beauty talk, we were given a goodie bag with two items of our choice. I've previously reviewed the Black Gel Deep Sebum Softener, so here's my review for something that can benefit people within a wider age range (since it also makes your skin more supple).

Shill's Moisturising and Whitening Cold Gel Mask.

I always feel that no matter how great your skin is, or how fair you are, an important factor in making your skin look healthy and give you that really natural glow is how bright your skin is. Even if you are fair, your skin might not be bright and is dull instead. Vice versa for if you have a darker or tanned skin tone.
Just like how Fair =/= Bright, Tanned =/= Dull skin tone either. Exactly the reason why i chose this whitening mask. It felt to me like it can deliver and give me not only a fairer complexion, but a brighter one too! Plus, the "cold" part was too tempting to refuse in the oven that is Singapore.

When we're under the sun, we're not the only ones that get dehydrated! Our skin gets its moisture sapped out too. Therefore it is really important to hydrate your skin regularly with good masks.

I really liked that it was recently manufactured and has a good shelf life of 3 years!

When you open up the box, you get greeted by a cardboard "holder" with a small tab for you to lift it up.

It's a pretty good size of 150ml which can last for quite a while. Also, the description (:.

At the base of the product, there is the manufacture and expiry date too. Notice that holographic sticker? It lets you know that you're buying the authentic product!

What a big tub!

When you first twist open the cap, you'll see a clear plastic and i really like it because it prevents the mask from sticking to the cap and it also makes the mask feel more hygienic that way.

I feel its alright using clean fingers to scoop the mask out. Just don't DIG your fingers into the mask.

This was a candid my camera took of me (i was using smile detector) while i was scooping the mask out haha.

Scoop an adequate amount for your whole face, and apply it onto your face using your fingers.

The gel mask didn't have much of a scent, and has the same appearance (except the bubbles) and texture (but lighter) as hair gel!! It didn't have much of a scent to me though.

Then leave the mask on for 15~20 minutes..

My say:
The mask didn't have much of a scent, but i really liked that it had a really cool sensation on my skin. (For those of you who like your masks cold, you can put it in the fridge beforehand and use it on your skin, whether heated or sunburned. If you're like me and don't want to put the whole tub into the fridge, you can scoop some using a clean plastic spoon, cover it with aluminum foil or cling wrap and pop in into your fridge for one time use^^). The whitening wasn't very apparent, but i could see that my skin was brighter for a temporary period of time(probably 2~3 days?). However, my skin did feel supple-er after use.

Packaging 4/5
Cute dome packaging. I really like that it's white because it feels more like a whitening product that way haha. However, it might be a little bulky to bring about.

Scent 4/5
I didn't detect much of a scent, but its quite weird for a gel (to me). However, this will be good for people with sensitive skin then.

Price 3.5/5
Since this is more suited for ladies from 20+ (which means OLs and working women) the price is $28.50 for 150ml. Not very affordable for students.

Whitening 3.5/5
Doesn't really whiten (might be that i have to use it for longer) but it does a pretty good job in brightening and closing up my pores.

Supple-ness 4.5/5
Skin does feel more supple after use. However, it might not be very apparent on my since I am only 17 this year.

Hydration: 5/5
Skin feels really soft and hydrated after use!

Application 4/5
Quite a simple application, and it is quite easy since the gel is quite solid and won't leak through your fingers like mask sheets' essence would.

Removal 2.5/5
Since it's gel, it takes quite a while for you to wash it off from your face. I recommend you using a wet towel to wipe off some of the thick layer of gel before washing it off your face.

Overall 3.5/5
An okay investment. Will try it for longer before deciding whether or not its worth the repurchase. However, this is a very good solution for those who want to cool their sunburned skin as it has the consistency of aloe vera gel.

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