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Friday, July 8, 2011
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(I actually had before and after pictures taken for this post. But when i reviewed the pictures as I'm writing this post, i realised that both pictures did not focus on my blemish -_- so i decided to leave it out.)
*Review is based on my skin type, and results may differ individually.
*I am not paid in any part to do this review and my thoughts are 100% honest
Near the end of June, I received yet another parcel from TSS. (inserts 10000 hearts)

I know all of you are already tired of seeing another picture of the TSS box right!

This time, it's something from Acnes!

We were sponsored the cleanser and the sealing gel.


Product information:


Sealing Gel

Product information:


I've seen Acnes products at Watsons many times before but i had never gone to buying them because of a few reasons.
1. I don't like green (i know very bimbotic lah, but ya)
2. I wasn't suffering from Acne. I only break out occasionally and they never exceed 4 pimples at a time.
3. It was too cheap. You know how you always think that cheaper products don't work or are useless? This seemed like one of it because it was only retailing for $6.90
4. I was using a whitening cleanser (i was also previously sponsored by L'oreal their full range of perfect clean cleansers, so i didn't need any more) and i was a big fan of Nexcare's 3M Acne Patches)

I just couldn't justify buying their products.

When TSS emailed me regarding the sponsorship, I thought to myself "this won't work lah, but no harm giving it a try and reviewing it".

But after using it....
I actually grew to like the products. PRODUCTS WITH GREEN PACKING *GASPS*

Want to know why i actually grew fond of the products? Here's my review ^-^.

The cleanser is actually pretty thick and dense (as compared to my usual gel and L'oreal's foaming cleansers) with a greenish yellow colour

I really liked that it lathers into a really thick and luxurious foam! Its like a foaming bubble bath on your face, but without all the water.

The smell reminds me of mama lemon (our famous dish-washing liquid soap) but it smells quite fresh. The cleanser is really gentle on my skin, but my skin does feel deeply cleansed, smooth, and redness is reduced after one wash.

However, after rinsing, you can feel that you skin gets a lot tighter, and gets a little dry. So I strongly recommend using a moisturiser after use. (I recommend water based moisturisers for OILY skin to hydrate your skin after cleansing)

Cleansing power 4.5/5
Skin feel clean and fresh after cleansing, but the after feel while rinsing felt a little weird

Affordability 5/5
$6.90 only! Students can jump for joy if they're unwilling to (or can't afford) to buy the more expensive ones.

Packaging 2/5
I am really not a fan of green. Would prefer it if it's something more neutral or a sleeker packaging.

Scent 3.5/5
Unless you really dislike mama lemon, this shouldn't be a problem. The only thing to overcome is the feeling of you using dishwashing soap on your face.

Foams 5/5
I really like using the thick luxurious foam on my face. Don't enjoy using cleanser that don't foam!

Efficiency in clearing acne 5/5
Very efficient. It didn't even cause me to break out from the lack of hydration (maybe because i always follow up with my skincare routine). It also made my pores smaller and my skin smoother!

Overall 4.5/5
Good investment. Especially for teenagers who are going through puberty and breaking out. This is also very affordable.

The sealing gel comes double sealed (like fresh milk) with a cap and an aluminum foil seal.

The cap has a sharp point and is for you to break the seal on the tube.

Small opening after breaking the seal

The gel has a very light lemony scent too. Not as strong as the cleanser. It looks quite sticky but its very mild and the stickiness goes away very very quickly. I like that it gets absorbed into your skin very quickly without any sticky or oily afterfeel.

This is supposed to be for acne treatment, meaning you apply on places with acne (just like how you use a pimple patch) but not only that, you can also apply it on places where you normally break out even when you don't have pimples/acne there because it prevents formation of pimples/acne!

Packaging 3.5/5
Still not big on the green, but this is a really cute tube.

Effectiveness 3.5/5
Works pretty slowly, but it does make the pimple less apparent. It stings a little it you use it on open wounds.

Scent: 4/5
Doesn't have much of a scent, but you can still sense the mild lemony smell.

Efficiency in clearing acne 4.5/5
It clears acne rather slowly, but it does work and also prevents formation of acne.

Affordability 5/5
A little more expensive than the cleanser, but under $10.

Overall 4/5
Not a bad investment, however i think this still doesn't take the top stop away from my beloved acne patch.

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  1. Hi. :)
    So you mean the acnes products can be purchase in Watsons right?

  2. @Natalie
    Hi Natalie. Yup! I've seen them in Watsons before (:.


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