LOTD 11/08

Thursday, August 11, 2011
Blazer & Black Stud Bag: City Plaza
Shorts: Bugis
White Tank: M)phosis
HOH inspired neckclace: Hirohixa
I love how the necklace adds this edge to a really normal and casual piece. Definitely a keeper in my accessories drawer. Plus, this blogshop is really efficient! Even Tiph said she got hers within a few days!

Disclaimer: I bought all of the clothings on my own and this is not a sponsored mention. I just felt that the necklace is really pretty and Hirohixa is selling it at a really low price. And furthermore, they're instocks! So hop over to get yours before they run out of instocks!

Stay tuned as there will be a product review coming up! Psstttt, for those of you who love Taiwan products and have had a tough battle with blemishes on your T-zone, this is something you wouldn't wanna miss out!!


  1. Hahaha omg I nearly bought the necklace at $15 from bugis ytd! Not bad not bad we have same taste. hahahaha tell the blog shop owner i see ur blog post advert about them then buy one ok :P

  2. @Jaslin
    Hahah good things must share mah!! LOL


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