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Friday, August 5, 2011
Was invited for Sunsilk's New Weather Defence event launch by The Sample Store that was held at Heeren's Ben&Jerry's.(I'm sure you've seen TVCs for the Pink one for smooth and managable hair and the Orange one for damaged hair, this is just the newer and recently launched range.)

My alarm didn't ring that day and i ended up having to take a cab there and going to the event late. By the time i arrived, the presentation and demo were already over and all that's left to the event was the Q&A session with Shawn. (No i didn't even take pictures fml)

Pictures of my makeup and outfit taken in the cab.

I remember asking Shawn about split ends and hair breakage. Do you know that they are actually caused by the same reasons, but just that they happen at different parts of the hair? Main reasons being heat exposure, chemical procedure, and exposure of the hair to the different kinds of weather and tempreture? Ask me any questions, and i'll answer them if i know. Shawn's Q&A session really helped me realise the problems with my hair, and how to prevent them. Thanks Shawn!!

After the Q&A session, we were treated to Ben's&Jerry's ice cream!!

With Elfaine!

You still need to brush up on your skills to not look at my screen! Hahaha.

After placing our orders, we got to have Instax's taken!

Spotted a pink taxi while waiting!

Here, is my banana split hehehe. I had Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Cherry Garcia, and Lemon Sorbet (to cut the sweetness and creaminess)

While we were eating, we also kept on bombarding Shawn with our hoards of questions hahaha. Then we all left the event with a goodie bag courtesy of Sunsilk.

Product reviews coming up some other day! BUT, just a sneak peak for all of you. This is how my hair looked like AT NIGHT when i reached home after a day out after using the products for the first time!!

In the meantime, you can go try out Sunsilk's products!
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