Love More: Black Magic White Power Lifting Mask + 5 cm Neck Care Double Lifting Mask

Wednesday, August 3, 2011
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Yes, this IS another mask review, and IS another mask from Love More. Before you start going "nooooo, not another one!" or "bahh, they're all the same, no point reading." let me tell you the main point of this particular mask.

As i have mentioned before, Love More is endorsed by Tiffany Hsu Wei-ning 许玮甯 《下一站幸福》 Main Actress, and Love More is one of the Best Selling Mask Brands in Singapore!!
Love More is actually also the winner of Best New Comer (Mask) in Watsons Health, Wellness and Beauty 2011!

How is this mask different from other 3D masks?
Love More realises that a lot of women are disappointed with the results of whitening products, as the wrong whitening products were used. Dull and dark skin is caused by various reasons. Therefore, a lot of time is wasted to find the correct whitening product. Love More specially formulates 3 different whitening masks (to target the different lifestyles that women have that causes their dark/dull skin), with 50% more Q10 whitening essence and luxury minerals ions and moisturises your skin from within and slowly realises your dream of being fair!
It also has an extended 5cm neck care + "hive pattern mask" imported from Japan fits tightly onto your neck, and improves neckline and dull neck colour.

This is your ticket to not having your face be a different shade from your neck!! Also, they say that the way to find out your skin's actual age is to look at your neck! It is because the neck is one of the most neglected part of any women's skincare routine!!

The mask they sent me this time round to review is...
Black Magic White Power Lifting Mask.

Whitening treatment from deep within your skin, this mask removes blackheads caused by clogged pores. Your boyfriend will love to kiss your rosy cheeks!
Black Magic White Power Lifting Mask contains charcoal, black deep-sea algae, black currant, black pearls, and combining with hyaluronic acid, Q10 to result in a skin-friendly emulsion which work together to focus on whitening and penetrates deeply into your skin, and absorbs the whitening benefits fully into your skin!
Using a strict selection of high-quality essence in the "black magic series" which contains: diamond, charcoal, black deep-sea algae, black pearl, black currant and so on.
The Black Magic White Power Lifting Mask cleanses your pore, improves the blood circulation of your skin, and allows your skin to absorb the whitening essence better. When used twice a week, this Black Magic White Power Lifting Mask can protect and improve skin condition which is harmed and troubled due to external environment!
Recomended for ladies who:
Loves spicy & fried food ☑ Yes, i do very much enjoy my bit (actually not a small bit..) of fried food.
Face certain level of stress from school/work/family ☑ (blogging does get quite stressful sometimes with the deadlines and all)
Sleeps late ☑☑ (double check! Who the hell sleeps at 3am and expect to have flawless skin??)
Have enlarged pores, blackheads and clogged pores ☑☑☑ (triple check! All applicable T_T)

Reading the product information..


IMO, people with sensitive skin can use it! Why? 1. Perfume water was listed at the very end of the ingredient list, which meant that only a minute amount of it is inside the essence. Plus, i couldn't smell much of a scent from the mask (different from the previous Love More and Sexy Look ones i've tried)
Love More’s "super whitening" secret recipe and the latest 5cm extended "Luxury Duo Lifting" 3D mask has fallen in love. This perfect couple works together perfectly to firm, lift and whiten your neck and face!With an additional 50% of lotion based Q10, this limited edition mask gives your skin the top pampering treatment! With an extra of 50% Q10 to improve skin's elasticity, the moisture retention on your skin improves from 32% to 46%, turning your skin softer, smoother and full of moisture!
Love More uses imported luxury duo lifting masks from Japan, and specially formulated whitening essence to take care of your face and neck by whitening and moisturising at the same time.Other than the 5cm extra neck care, the upgraded version of the hive pattern 3D mask, the exclusive multilayer elastic weave mask fits perfectly onto your face and neck and allows the mask essence to be absorbed completely.

And taking out the mask!

Now... Make a guess as to how many pieces of masks there are in this box!

YES. 8 PIECES OF MASKS IN A BOX. Very different from how normal masks come in a box of 5, this limited edition mask comes in a box of 8... AND only retails for $13.90!

(inserts random picture of me my smile detector took while i was texting himeko)


Skin looks dull, lacking lusture, and very uneven skintone.
Peeling open the packet:

This mask is of the same material as the previous Love More ones but thinner, and with the unique hive pattern. I didn't take a good picture of it and i only noticed when i was reviewing the pictures taken after the mask.

Happily unfolding the mask~ (^3^)~

The extended 5cm!!


My skin definitely looks brighter and whiter, and it did become a whole lot smoother. Also, it managed to make my skintone more even! *d(^3^)b* two thumbs up!

Essence: 5/5
This essence was awesome! It was not as thick as the previous Love More ones, so it absorbed into my skin a lot faster than before. By the time i wake up, there is no longer any residue of the mask on my skin. It managed to work well on my skin, being about to whiten, brighten, and make my skin more ideal.

Fit/cutting of mask: 3.5/5
The mask fit okay, not as well as the Sexy Look ones, but better than the previous batch's. However, the extra 5cm did not fit snugly onto my neck, and i found myself having to readjust it quite often but it still did a pretty good job with its effects on my neck.

Material of mask: 4/5
The material of the mask was relatively thick, but holds up the essence well. However, due to the weight of the mask, it slips out of place quite often too when I'm sitting up.

Packaging: 5/5
Really love the packaging! Its black and lush, and purple "pearl beads" hanging at the back. Will definitely be something I'd buy at the stores.

Effect of the mask: 4.5/5
The mask did a really good job of whitening, evening out my skin tone, tightening, brightening, and hydrating. I can't describe how much I'm loving it. However, like i've mentioned before, masks always needs maintenance; this mask's effects probably lasts around 3~4 days??

Affordability: 5/5
$13.90 for a box of 8. This is something i will definitely buy over and over and over again. That is, when i've finished using up all my masks and this isn't oos already..

Overall: 4.5/5
This is definitely something I'll repurchase. I'm obessed with whitening products, and now i know why some of them doesn't work as well for me as compared to others. The idea of target whitening is really novel, and I'm glad it works. Now, I can really look forward to my skin getting whiter and brighter haha.

Love More masks are available exclusively at selected Watsons Stores. Visit for more product information.
P/s: Please join
Lush Beauty's Facebook page and Love More Singapore's Facebook page to stand a chance to win a box of their masks!

(pssst.. this mask is also a limited edition mask! Grab yours quickly before they're gone!)

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