Vichy's Thermal Spa Workshop

Saturday, August 27, 2011
I recently attended Vichy's Thermal Spa water workshop held at L'Oreal's office.
Thank you Vichy and Tiph for rsvping for me (:.

Before the workshop started, there were snacks and refreshments prepared for us!

This is actually a mint, and the mint is made from water from the Vichy Thermal Spa. And it tasted really good!

And, the slideshow began!

Vichy is actually a place in France, and Vichy(the company/brand) bought over the Thermal Spring and built a factory near it to preserve all the minerals in the water so that we, the consumers, get the best out of this miracle source of minerals that has tons of benefits on our skin. All products are actually made in France!

This multi-fuctional water has many benefits and uses!

For example:

Use it to soak a compressed mask sheet!

The full Aqua Thermal Range is paraben free consists of 3 different types of moisturizers! One is a gel based moisturizer, while the other two are cream based. The only difference between the two cream based ones is that one is more hydrating than the other, which is best for travelling or very dehydrated skin.

Here's the guy (i'm sorry cause i forgot his position and name..) that presented everything to us. And here he is telling us what we'll get inside our press release.

The norma derm night which he was very excited about.

Seems like Himeko's Duffy and ShellieMay are loving the products too!

In celebration for their 80th anniversary, Vichy is launching 1000 specially packaged Thermal Water Sprays for a very very discounted price!

I actually bought one set after the workshop, and another set the day after! This picture was taken directly after the workshop, so it only shows one set. (I bought 2 sets, and my sister bought one). This has two 150ml bottle (U.R.T.P $19.90 each) and is now selling for $14.90. Whereas the travel sized 50ml bottle twin pack is retailing for $11.90 (correct me if i'm wrong). The travel sized bottle is a good size for you to put into your bag!

Here's an overview of what's in the goodie bag, and the reviews will be up separately.

I did not take extra pictures of the travel sized thermal spray, but it's R.T.P. is $9.90/bottle*

Vichy's Normaderm Night (sample)

Vichy's Aqulia Thermal Aqua Gel (R.T.P $48.00)

Vichy's Aqulia Thermal Mask (R.T.P $39.90)

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