Aura of Portia Collection 6

Wednesday, September 21, 2011
Sponsored Advertorial
Remember my previous advertorial for Aura of Portia?
It's time for a new collection! They've launched a new collection, and they have asked me to model for it!

So, by the time you're reading this post, the collection should already be launched, so hop onto Aura of Portia now!

I know i don't look the best in the pictures, but I'm not a model! I actually look quite bad if it's not my angle! *hides face*. However, since this time round i got to actually see irl and feel the material of the clothings... i can give you guys a review of the clothings as well!

What i really liked about this collection is that:
1. the clothings are imported.
2. there is a mixture of casual and formal and fun pieces.
3. this is a very colourful collection.

Colours cheer a person up, and bright colours are really in for summer this year. Since Singapore is summer all year round.... why not embrace it?? Besides, colours always makes a person happier!

I got sponsored with two dresses from Aura of Portia, and here they are! I picked more formal/dinner-ish ones because i have a lot of casual clothings, and i'd want more clothes to wear for formal-er events! Honestly, i didn't pick those bolder colours because I wanted more formal pieces, haha.

That being said, this collection is undeniably fun!

The first piece i got was this black dress. It is an untold that every girl needs a little black dress in their closet, but honestly i feel that you can't have enough LBDs. I really liked that this dress can be easily dressed up or dressed down depending on how you match it. I wore it with wedges and a clutch on a date with B!

The other piece is a nude draped toga. I like it that it can be worn 2 ways, and when i wear it with the drapes on the back, it adds volume to my non-existent butt (LOL). I haven't got a chance to wear it yet, but you guys will get to see it on a LOTD when i do :3.

Here are my top picks for the collection!
This chiffon romper is really light and flowy - perfect for the hot weather in Singapore. Look cute wearing this to a picnic or kite flying~.
I really liked that it is smocked at the back, and with ruffles in front (it give the impression of a shapelier bossom!) Comes in 3 colours!

This sleeveless top is super cute! The material is a little thin (but makes it good for sunny singapore) so it's advised you wear either a tube or a light/nude coloured bra with it.
Digging the cat pocket and the scalloped neckline!

Really really love this coral romper! (It's more coral-y irl than hot pink) The colour is sooooooo pretty and the cut is really flattering!

Beautiful top! Really like the details and the cutting of this piece! Easily dressed up or down! Comes in two colours. Although the pink is really pretty, i prefer how the black one looks on me.

Plenty more of clothes for you to choose from because this is a big collection! Here's a deal for you babes! Quote "Yijing" to get free normal postage for your purchase!
Head down to Aura of Portia now before the stuff gets sold out!

Want to take a look at the clothing yourself and buy it on the spot? Aura of Portia will be supplying the clothings for Spell (Changi Airport Terminal 3 Basement 2 Unit No. 52-53) and here's what they have!

Sneakers, pants, graphic tees, hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, dresses,
knitwear, shirts, shorts, and skirts.
Costume jewellery and leather products (such as bags, belts and wallets).

More details on Spell at their facebook page! "Like" them now and find out more!


  1. I think you look hot in the last one! pink top leather leggings!


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