First trip to USS

Tuesday, September 27, 2011
Last Saturday, B's mum treated us and his whole family to a trip to USS. Thanks auntie!
It was my very first trip since it's opened (yes i'm a suaku~) cause i just couldn't justify spending the money on the tickets. Knowing me, i'd rather spend it on beauty products..or food haha. Also, the thought of being under the hot sun didn't thrill me at all, but i had a good day there :3.

Majority of them went early in the morning, but B and I reached later with Kedi and Angela cause Angela had to work, and i had an event to attend in the morning.

Before my trip, i asked my readers what were the best rides there etc, and I'm really touched that i got responses, so thank you my dears!

Yes, the typical photo with the Universal Studio spinning globe

I was wearing a bikini top (cause i was anticipating water rides), a spaghetti top, and a cropped top over it (because i didn't like the tan lines of a spaghetti top). I even slapped on tons of SPF 130 sunblock earlier in the morning before i headed for the event. SPF50 on my face!

Us while queueing for the canopy ride!

Wasn't wearing any makeup that day cause i didn't want it to clog my pores after being mixed with perspiration. Not even BB cream/loose powder! Took me awhile to get my skin back in good condition, haha.

Random shots throughout the day. Didn't manage to ride on rapids adventure cause it was closed ):.

Kedi and Angela

Had dinner at Lunar. Not very good imo, and quite overpriced. Thanks kewei for the treat!

My hair all messed up! Really thankful for aircon cause i was sticky all over ):.

That's kewei and sylvie!

Then, we headed back to USS to watch the fireworks. No pictures cause there was this super inconsiderate guy that kept photobombing. He was standing in the crowd that was sitting down with a tripod stand -_-.

TBH, i really enjoyed myself on this trip. However, i think experiencing this once in a while is good enough, haha. Don't think i'll be going back that soon, unless they're out with new rides/attractions!

Ending off with a group picture! (That's not even their full family!)

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