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Thursday, September 29, 2011
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Ever looked into the mirror and find out that you skin is lacking the elasticity it used to have?

If it's not as bouncy as it was before, it's actually natural because when the human body reaches 20 years of age, the collagen in our body naturally decreases, causing skin ageing, rough skin, dull complexion and pigmentation amongst other pathological exertions.
70% to 80% of the protein composition in our skin, bones, joints, muscles, hair, nails, cartilage and blood vessels are made up of collagen. Thus, collagen is deemed as a nurturing essence for our skin and bones.

So, what to do at a time like this? Replenish the amount of collagen you have lost with Avalon Fish Collagen. Thanks to the lovely TSS and Hibeau(the company that brought you Avalon Fish Collagen, i was sponsored with 3 sampler packets of the product to try out.

Each sampler packet consisted of 5 sticks of Avalon Japanese Fish Collagen,

and they come in 3 different flavours - Blueberry, Lemon, and Mango.

What it does:

Suitable for diabetics!

For healthy skin, nails, hair, and joints! This is not only a beauty supplement, but also a health supplement.

Ingredients are all the same, just different flavours

Extracted from press release:
Researched, developed and manufactured with Japanese expertise, AVALON™ Japanese Fish Collagen combines the most premium of ingredients and is made up of Japanese Fish Collagen of molecular weight less than 3,000 Daltons; a formulation designed to best suit the human body absorption. Indulge in any one of the 3 fruitilicious flavors - Lemon, Mango and Blueberry for firmer, younger looking skin and to keep your skin in the best condition.

Packed with L-Vitamin C, magnificent anti-oxidant and anti-ageing properties, AVALON™ Japanese Fish Collagen is the ultimate health supplement and possibly the key to turning back the clock. With no added sugar, it’s perfect even for weight watchers or those with diabetes. The product also offers easy convenience for those who are constantly on the go as it comes in slim, handy 2500mg sachets that can fit discreetly in your handbag or even pockets and makes consumption of collagen a pleasurable daily affair.

Fortified with Probiotics complex, AVALON™ Japanese Fish Collagen is also the first product in the market that contains a combination of beneficial bacteria strains that work to balance the intestinal microflora and rebuild a healthy intestinal system to further boost collagen peptides and L-Vitamin C absorption. It doubles the effectiveness of anti-ageing and anti-oxidants, hence resulting in skin becoming radiant and healthy.

So, what should i do with these??

There are 2 ways to consume Avalon Japanese Fish Collagen.

1. Direct consumption
Open the sachet. It can be torn off easily without having to use a pair of scissors.

Consume from the sachet!

Some people find that after direct consumption, they prefer to wash it down it water. I didn't feel that there was a need for this because the supplement dissolved quite quickly.

2. Mix it with water/a drink of your choice (Eg. Lemon into Lemonade, Mango into mango juice, and Blueberry into ribena)
Pour the supplement into your choice of drink. (I was dissolving it in plain water)

Stir until most of it is dissolved.

Drink! :3

My favourite flavour was Mango, because it tasted the best to me, and the least favourite was Lemon. Honestly, i didn't like how lemon tasted when being diluted at all. Therefore, i will suggest you consume it directly from the sachet (:.
*Tip: Don't add too much water if mixing with water!

What i really liked about this is that the small packets are really handy!

Here are some ways you can bring them out discreetly!

Fits into my makeup pouch easily!

Also into the special compartment of my bag!

Or simply just tucking it into your back pocket.

The sachets are so small, the possibilities are endless! (How about hiding it in your bra, haha)

Enjoy a tasty and beautifying supplement, anytime anywhere.

Want to get some for yourself? Avalon Japanese Fish Collagen is now priced at introductory price of S$48.90, Usual Price S$58.90 for a pack of 30 sachets, the product is now sold island wide in Guardian, John Little, OG, Robinsons, NTUC Unity and Watsons.
Alternatively, you can get a free sample here before deciding whether you want to purchase the full sized product!

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