Benico 3D Sheet Mask (Tea Tree)

Friday, September 30, 2011
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Yes, this is another mask review! Read on, it's worth it ;).

I was sent a couple of masks from Eternity Inter-trade a few days back, and they're from Benico.

I don't think you'd have seen it anywhere yet, because it has yet to be launched, but trust me, they're definitely worth the effort to go buy a couple of pieces to try when they are.

The selling point of this mask is that it has a 3D cutting, unlike ordinary flat mask sheets. (This is not the "other type" of 3D mask that involves the earhooks either). Another is that there are 6 ranges of masks, and 3 types can be used hot, and the other 3 can be used cold (just like ordinary masks). The range can be easily differentiated as a hot or cold mask from the colour of the mask.

Warm colour for hot masks, and cool colour for cold masks!

Today's review will be on the Tea Tree (soothing) mask which can be used cold.

Made in Korea!

Benico 3D Sheet Masks are formulated with different skin-friendly natural extracts, each with their own unique properties to meet different needs, efficiently delivering core nutrients to the deepest part of your skin to thoroughly moisturise, promoting resilience and vitality. The silky soft mask sheet is made of 100% Pulp Fabric and tailored with a specialised 3D cutting to enable the mask to adhere closely to the contours of your face, effectively locking in moisture, thus allowing better absorption, resulting in firmer, clearer skin.

Benico 3D Sheet Mask is also designed to be used hot or cold to enhance effects of their respective key ingredients, at the same time providing a relaxing and/or refreshing therapeutic experience.

Benico 3D Sheet Mask also contains Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate to prevent acne and outbreaks, Vitamin E & Collagen for smoother, supple skin, and Hamamelis Extract to tighten pores and skin.

The reason i chose to use this mask today is because of Tea Tree's well known benefit, to sooth and heal pimples! And why would i need that? Cause i have one helluva pimple outburst ):. (That's the reason why today's and yesterday's post mainly consisted of my right-side view!)

Thanks to the ringlight, the pimple didn't look as red or as huge as it was.

Reading the description!

To be used cold, so...pop it in the fridge!

For people who have sensitive skin or are very fair, 5 minutes will do. For those with normal skin types or enlarged pores, try 10~15 minutes in the fridge (:.

Shake the mask to the end of the packet before tearing open the packet. This will prevent you from tearing the mask and prevents the excess essence from leaking.

Tear it up

See the amount of essence?

Removing the frames before putting on the mask!

The amount of essence in the mask is so abundant such that it actually dripped onto my floor, so i would suggest you do this over the sink.

The mask is really thin and made out of 100% Pulp Fabric

To be honest, i felt that the texture of the mask was a little rough as compared to Sexylook's, but it didn't affect my overall experience too much, since i wasn't going to scrub the mask over my face

The very very unique 3D cutting. It actually fits onto my face like a glove, even covers to chin, in one piece!

I usually place the mask on my face to fit it, before pressing the other parts onto my face.

Suitable for people with high nose bridges too!

After 15~20 minutes, time to remove the mask!
The mask fit onto my face so well, it doesn't even drop off!

Peeling off the mask

Glowy glowy skin!

Massage the remaining essence into your skin


My skin felt really refreshed after the mask, and i really enjoyed the scent of it. It's a really familiar scent that smells really soothing, but i couldn't pinpoint what it is exactly.

Effectiveness: 4/5
It didn't really reduce the size of my pimple, but it did reduce the redness and soothed it (and my skin).

Material of Mask: 4.5/5
The mask was really thin and i really liked how it was in general. Maybe the smoothness can be improved on.

Fit of Mask: 5/5
I really really like the fit of the mask! It's very unique and i've never tried anything like it! Would prefer if there were sizings thou, cause it was too loose for me around the nose area!

Essence: 4/5
The essence smelled really nice, and did it's good pretty well. -1 point because i felt that it took quite awhile for the it to be absorbed.

Price: 4/5
Not really the cheapest mask around as compared to Taiwan brands like Sexylook and LoveMore (this retails at $2.90/piece), but it's definitely worth it for the quality (and also because it's made in Korea for Japan)

Packaging: 3.5/5
The colours make it easily differentiated, and the design of it looks quite professional. I might purchase it if i see it depending on how much my "shopping meter" is that day, haha. However, the down side is that the front part of the packaging is all in Japanese, so i might just walk pass it.

Overall: 4.5/5
Will definitely repurchase this again when I'm done with my masks... which i gonna take awhile. Maybe it'll be launched by then.

Thank you Eternity Inter-trade for sponsoring me with this mask to review. My review and opinion on this product is 100% honest and not plagarised or influenced by any external sources and I am not paid to do this review. Will be reviewing the other one another day.

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