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Sunday, September 18, 2011
I'm pretty sure that you guys probably know about this if you have liked my facebook page or followed me on twitter... but i'm gonna share with you lovelies this good news again!

I am now one of Naruko Singapore's officially certified beauty bloggers. (As you can see from my sidebar and advertise/sponsor tab)

Which means... i will constantly be getting products from Naruko (and possibly ampm) to review for all my dear readers!
You guys can rest assured that all my reviews will be 100% honest because I do not believe in falsifying reviews just cause they were sponsored, and Naruko is not that type of company that rejects a review and drops their bloggers just because their product are given bad reviews or lower ratings! (Either which has never happened to me because I've been loving their products! I'm almost finished with my bottle of Apple Seed & T-Acid Soothing White Serum ):).

Okay, back to the topic here.
I'm now featured on Naruko.sg and I'm proud to say that my review was the very first to be featured on Naruko.sg ^^

One of my featured review can be seen here

Just sharin' the good news with y'all~. Thanks for supporting my blog ^^.

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