Naruko's Marjoram and Lavender Eye Cream

Friday, September 16, 2011
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Ever looked at the mirror in the morning after a bad night's rest and find out that you've got....

A bad case of dark eye circles and eye bags!

Oh no! How should i get rid of it!

Use an eye cream!

I'm sure for majority of the people out there, this is one problem that troubles us all. Even more for me, since i wake up at 3pm after sleeping at 5am. Yes, my body clock is that screwed. Also, it doesn't help with my dark eye circles that i am constantly rubbing my eyes due to the fact that i have dry eyes.

I shan't digress no more.

That aside, what I'm asking from my eye cream is not a lot; it just needs to be good enough to ensure that the condition of my eye circles and eye bags don't worsen. Lucky for me, my cause of eye bags is not that bad, but my dark eye circles are in a horrendous state!

Quick fact: Do you know that our under eye area does not have any sweat or oil glands? Therefore, they tend to be dry and dehydrated so you'll have to use an eye cream that is moisturizing enough.

Naruko then sent me this!

Their Marjoram and Lavender Eye Cream which has recently won a title in CozyCot's beauty holy grail awards!
"Marjoram and Lavender Brightening Eye Cream brightens up your dark eye contour. It is readily blended and absorbed eye care that works effectively to reduce the appearance of dark circles thanks to the perfect combination of Regu-Age, Ellagic Acid Filling Spheres, Sun'er Complex and Phytoferulin®. It also enables a all-rounded hydrating treatment to eye contour for a line-less and flawless appearance."

Loosely translated into:
Purpose: Improve the condition of dark eye circles, provide moisture, and firms.
Directions: Apply adequate amount to your under eye area.


Some of the things i like about the packaging!

The tapered tip gives me precision and lets me control the amount of cream i want to dispense easily. Also, i feel that it's hygienic because it only allows the product to be dispensed, and not the other way around.
I really like purple, so it's extra points for the purple colour!
And i liked that the description for the product is on the product itself, so that i will not have to keep referring to the box when i'm using the product to know what it's purpose it (also, since the box can be inverted and used for other purposes).

Some "swatches" of the product

The product has a really light lavender scent, which soothes the skin, and the cream is really light and spreads easily. It also got absorbed very quickly by my skin.

So.. time for the real test on my under eye area!

Dispense a small amount onto your 4th finger (because it is the weakest finger and will not exert too much strength on the delicate skin under our eyes) and spread the cream between your two 4th fingers to "melt" the cream for better absorption.


Sure, the effect wasn't that obvious but I'm really proud to say that IRL, my dark eye circles did get slightly lighter (which is awesome because so far no cream i've been using was able to do that) and it really moisturizes my eye area, which is crucial since i sleep in an aircon room!
That being said, I'm sure it'll work pretty well for people who sleeps at regular (unweird) timings since it did snag a title in CozyCot's beauty grail awards.

Effectiveness: 5/5
I really liked that this product worked for me to not only hydrate, but also to brighten my under eye area. I really should start sleeping earlier and stop rubbing my eyes, huh.

Packaging: 5/5
I mentioned above why i liked the packaging, and i really really like that the boxes are reuseable! Thumbs up for going green!

Scent: 5/5
The scent was really light and soothing. Gotta love lavender!

Price: 5/5
Going at only $19.90, this product will last you a looooong time since you only need a little bit at a time!

Texture: 5/5
I really liked the light texture that melted into the skin easily and absorbed quickly.

Overall: 5/5
Seriously, what's not to love! I can't even nitpick on anything about this product!

Thank you NarukoSG for sponsoring me with the Naruko Skincare products to review! Stay tuned for the review for another batch of new items to be launched on Naruko's website. Get latest updates on Naruko's latest products on their facebook page HERE! Selected Naruko products are also available at selected Watsons outlets (I have listed them down previously) so you might wanna get them there. If not, they're available at ^^. (P/S: buy in bulk with your friends to enjoy greater savings!)

Disclaimer: The reviews of the product are entirely 100% from me, and is my honest opinion of the product. I am not in any way paid to do this review, nor influenced by any external sources regarding my thoughts on the product.

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