September giveaway

Thursday, September 1, 2011
So, how many of you were actually waiting for this? My very first mass giveaway!
I've previously shown the preview of the 3 different sets, and but this shall be to refresh your memory!
Set A

Maybelline's Volume Express Hypercurl x Hello Kitty mascara
Maybelline's Clearsmooth BB Cream (Light/Natural, to be specified)
Maybelline's Clearsmooth Shine Free Face Powder (02-Nude Beige or 03-Natural, to be specified)
Maybelline's Babylips Lipbalm in Smoothing Cherry and Relieving Menthol
Maybelline's Impact Express, Smooth Felt Liner (Review here:
Maybelline's Eyebrow Pencil by Eyestudio in Brown

Set B

Maybelline's Clearsmooth BB Cream in Light and Natural
Maybelline's Angelfit Brighten Up Blush in Watermelon
Maybelline's Water Shiny Diamond Diamonds in 307
L'Oreal's HIP Bright Shadow Duo in Adventurous

Set C

L'Oreal's Travelling Pouch + Brush Set
Maybelline's Hyper Diamonds in GN-1
Maybelline's Clearsmooth BB Cream (Light/Natural, to be specified)
Maybelline's Clearsmooth Shine Free Face Powder (02-Nude Beige or 03-Natural, to be specified)
Maybelline's Pulse Perfection Mascara

Now, here's how you can take part in the giveaway!
(You'll have to email your entry to me at yijing94(at)hotmail(dot)com)
1. Like my page (can be found in the left bar on my blog), and comment in the giveaway album on the 2 sets you want the most and why you want the set and what you'd like to see on my blog (more reviews/more personal blog posts etc). Specify the shades you want on the items with the words "to be specified".
I will be selecting my favourite comment from all of the different sets, and the best commenter will walk away with the set she wants the most. For those who commented on the same set as the best commentor, your names will be put into the randomiser for the other set you want the 2nd most so that you have an equal chance of winning.
Every person gets 1 chance in the draw. Please do not create multiple or fake accounts for this.
*If the best commentor's name will be removed from the draws for the other sets to ensure that there are no multiple winnrs.

2. Share the news about the giveaway to your friends by tagging my page in a wall post. (Eg. "Take part in @Yijing Tan's September Giveaway! My favourite set is set x") and take a screenshot of it. This gives another +1 chance in the draw.

3. Tweet about my giveaway and tag @vainpot94. Then, take a screenshot of it. This gives yet another +1 chance in the draw.

4. Follow my blog with google connect. This gives you a +1 chance in the draw.

5. Blog about the giveaway. Then take a screenshot of it and include your permalink in your email to me. This gives a +3 chance in the draw.

If you have done all the steps, your email should include the following:
1. Facebook name [+1]
2. Facebook status screenshot (take note that it will not be valid if you didn't tag my page) [+1]
3. Screenshot of your tweet [+1]
4. Google id you followed my blog with [+1]
5. Blog screenshot + permalink [+3]
Doing this all will give you 7 chances in the draw for both of the sets you chose. This giveaway will end on 30th September. Good luck everyone!

*If you need to come back to this post, you can always find the permalink on the top tab of my blog which says "Giveaways"

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