Amethystory Mineral Bubble Face Wash

Friday, October 21, 2011
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So, awhile ago, TSS sent me another parcel, this time with products from Amethystory (a sub-brand of Ginvera). Since there are 3 products that we were sponsored with, I'll be breaking the reviews into 3 parts so as to review each product clearly.

Amethystory actually has 5 different products in the whole range, one of which includes an eye roller. I have been sponsored with (and will be reviewing) these products. (You can redeem their Star product of the range here:

As the title reveals, today's review is gonna be on the Bubble Face Wash.

As the name suggests, this is a self-foaming facial wash. Like Biore's Marshmellow Whip Facial Wash i previously reviewed. This has a smaller pump dispenser.

The 'clip' that i absolutely adore!!

So, i pumped one pump and tried the product on my hand.

Much to my amazement, after massaging the product on my palm for one minute, the bubbles didn't disappear! Instead, the cleanser became really creamy.

After i used the product on my hand, i felt that there was a dry feeling - almost like washing your face with mama lemon - and didn't really like it. However, i still gave it a go on my face~

Two pumps' worth of product goes!

What really surprised me was that after washing off the product, it didn't feel as dry as it did on my skin! In fact, it didn't really feel dry at all. I was sure that i really cleansed it off properly.

Packaging: 4/5
The packaging is really simple, but can be improved. I didn't really like the logo of the product, but i added points for the purple pump since i do like purple.

Cleansing power: 4/5
The cleansing power was alright, but i didn''t like the dry feeling it left on my hand.

Quality of foam: 4/5
The foam, although not as dense as i expected (due to the fact that biore's was really dense and had very small bubbles), held the bubbles and its shape up well. The bubbles did not disappear after massaging it on your skin.

Scent: 2.5/5
I didn't really like the scent because there was a soapy smell to it.

Price: 4.5/5
$14.90 for 160ml, slightly costlier than Biore's

Ease of use: 5/5
The self-foaming pump helps to save time lathering. Very good when rushing!

Overall: 4/5
Worth a try. The product did leave my skin (face's) feeling smooth and supple, and the pump does indeed help to save time! Using amethyst for skincare is also an innovative idea!

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