Naruko's Apple Seed & Tranexamic Acid Soothing White Morning Yogurt

Friday, October 14, 2011
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One of the perks with being NARUKO's certified beauty bloggers is that I'll constantly be getting new products from NARUKO to review! A few weeks ago, NARUKO brought in a new batch of products to add to their existing ones, one of which include this:

I have previously reviewed their Apple Seed & Tranexamic-Acid Soothing White Serum which i ended up loving, but have since ran out of it. Here's the review on how well this will fare to the other product i love in the series.

Well, I'm sure the point that I'm obsessed with whitening has long been established, so is this gonna be the product that leads me along my path on whitening??

One of the things i love about this range, is that the products contain the highest concentration of the active ingredient, Tranexamic Acid, that's found in the market. Tranexamic acid is one of the main ingredients that aid in the whitening effect of this range of products.

The morning yogurt comes in the same clinical-greenish packaging as the other products in the range and the size of the bottle is 50ml.


Loosely translated into;
Purpose: Controls the formation of pigmentation on the skin, resulting in translucent skin.
Usage: For day use. Dispense and apply an adequate amount onto the skin.
Main component: Tranexamic Acid 3%
Shelf life of 6 months once opened^^

Date of manufacture. It feels at ease to know that you're not using products on your face that's possibly been left on the shelf/in the warehouse for two years!

I like that NARUKO always maintains a certain standard of hygiene. For instance, the pump actually had a stopper to prevent germs from entering via the 'tube' after being produced/packaged. Thumbs up for being extra sanitary!

More product information:

Two thumbs up for this!!

Now for the test run. As promising as it seems, will the morning yogurt live up to my expectations?

And so, i dispensed a small amount onto my skin.

The pump is really easy to use, and dispenses the product cleanly without any drips or residue on the pump. However, instead of one full pump, i found that one light press is all that you really need. Like this amount:

for the whole face is enough.

Testing time!

Whitening effect: 4/5
I was using this daily in the morning for about 2 weeks, and i did notice that my skin has gotten whiter and brighter. However, the redness in my skin did not reduce visibly. That being said, I liked that it gave me a natural radiance such that i can go out of the house confidently without any form of skin-makeup and still look good enough ^^. The day that i went for my IPL, i applied this in the morning and the people working at the SPA told me i had great skin! (Literally flew at that moment, haha)

Smoothening effect: 5/5
I love how silky smooth the yogurt makes my skin feel. It felt smooth all the way from spreading, application, even after it got absorbed into my skin. It left my skin feeling sooo smooth i didn't want to stop touching it!!

Absorbtion rate: 4.5/5
The yogurt absorbed into my skin relatively quickly IF i don't apply too much. It does take awhile to absorb if you do put too much onto your skin.

Texture: 5/5
The yogurt looks like a creamy gel, and has the consistency of a light gel. Weird as it sounds, that's the best way i can describe it. It has a mild cooling effect when applied onto my skin, which i feel is perfect for sunny Singapore. Just like their Apple Seed & Tranexamic-Acid Soothing White Serum, the yogurt sort of melted into my skin on contact. What i really liked about it is that this never gave me the problem of the sticky after-feel some gel moisturizers gave.

Pricing: 4.5/5
At S$28.90 for 50ml, this is really a steal! -0.5 because different people use different amount of the product at one time, so it's hard to gauge how long this will last for individuals.

Packaging: 4.5/5
I really love the clean clinical packaging (and the recyclable box) and like i always said, extra points for the pump because it's alot more hygienic and convenient that way. The only thing about this i didn't like as much was that the bottle is a little bulky which probably makes it hard to travel with if you're really packing light.

Overall: 4.75/5
Definitely will repurchase. The morning yogurt is just as the name suggests, light and refreshing. The product works well, and deliver what it promises. I sometimes use this at night too because of it's light texture that makes me feel assured that i won't wake up to oily, over-moisturized skin (which will block our skin's regeneration at night because the oils will clog the pores!!)

Guess who found their new holygrail moisturiser, hehe.

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