Lovemore Aqua Damascus Rose & Arbutin Whitening Mask

Wednesday, October 12, 2011
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As you girls can tell from the title... this will be another mask review!
I'm sure y'all know how much i love masking... because not only is it relaxing, it usually hydrates your skin immediately!

Roughly the amount of different masks I have (the picture was taken awhile back). Some I've only used a couple of pieces in the box cause i have too many masks to get through!

Even though i already own ALOT of masks, I can't help but get excited when I see new masks that are really promising! Therefore, when Lush group (aka emailed me telling me they'll send me a box of their new mask to review, i was really excited about it because it meant that there might very possibly be a new mask for me to obsessed with!

There are 2 masks in the new range,
Love More Aqua Cucumber Extract & Ceramide Moisturizing Mask (Blue) and
Lovemore Aqua Damascus Rose & Arbutin Whitening Mask (Pink)
In order to get the perfect and transparent looking skin, other than having a healthy looking and sebum controlled skin, it is important to provide prolonged moisture for your skin underneath too!
Most of the toners currently available in the market contain low moisture for your skin and is only a short term solution to quench your skin. If your subsequent skin care products do not contain enough moisture, the moisture will not only evaporate but also evaporate moisture and sebum from your skin. In the long term, the moisture level in your skin will become lower and eventually lead to multiple skin problems.
[AQUA Hydrogen Mask] Striking a balance between “skin-friendly water essence” and "fits perfectly on your skin", including peacock ore negative ions into natural silk cotton which is designed to fit the skin tightly without leaving any space which is able to moisture skin with water, moisturises skin and product water. With just 20 minutes, you can feel the elasticity of your moisturized skin!
“Flawless transparent skin + 100% Moisturized Skin + Sebum Balance” is what the Aqua Series masks can provide for every female!Specially formulated botanical organic ingredients to target the different layers of skin to moisturized skin, improves the benefits of toner and maintain moisture in your skin the whole day, you will definitely notice the difference after you use it!
Love More only wants to love you more and more!

Lush group sponsored me with this! Lovemore's Aqua Damascus Rose & Arbutin Whitening Mask.

7 pieces in a box instead of the usual 5.
I have reviewed Love More masks previously on many occasions, so will this be another mask that i love more (get it?? love, more! okay bad pun so pardon my lameness)

One of the reasons I've always loved love more masks is because of their gorgeous packaging!! BUT imagine the heartache when the box was ruined due to the rough Singpost postman!!

T_T *stabs self*

Okay, moving on... More information about the mask

The design on the separate mask packets are exactly as you see on the box.

And here's what's on the back

I really like it when they print the infomation on the back so that even if i throw away the box (which i eventually will, looking at it makes my heart ache ),:) I'll still have the relevant information about the mask.

(Please ignore the spots on my forehead. My skin hasn't fully recovered from the previous break out )
Taking out a piece of mask

Reading the information and usage instructions

Ready my turban and kept my ponytail in a bun to keep my hair out of my face!

Open the mask!! I can smell the scent of rose on the mask the moment i opened it. The smell is not too strong, overwhelming, nor sweet. In fact, it smells really soothing and relaxing.. gives you the pampering feel of a spa!

Each packet is packed with 28ml of essence!! That's soooo generous. How do i know??

I even poured it into a container to show you guys how much essence there was!

The mask came with a plastic sheet, which is folded up together with the sheet made from silk cotton. The plastic sheet helps guide you with unfolding the mask, so that you won't have to risk tearing the mask (usually comes with masks that are really thin, or prone to being torn)

plastic sheet

silk cotton sheet!

Place the silk cotton sheet side on your face, and remove the plastic sheet!

See how smooth the mask is? There are barely any fibers on the sheet that can be seen, let alone felt!

Just like the usual sheet mask, this doesn't come with ear hooks. What really surprised me was that even without year hooks, this managed to stay well on my face, never dropping on slipping!

So light that it doesn't even budge when I'm looking down!

The fit. Even fits onto my non existent nose bridge!

After using the mask, my skin does get alot more moisturized and a little whiter. It also brightened my skin. The effects were also apparent the morning after. I used it last night, and my skin still feels as moisturized as it was after the mask!

Essence: 4.5/5
Really liked the scent of the mask and the effects it has. The essence is really light and watery, and absorbs into your skin very quickly. However, this mask doesn't really tighten up your pores as well.

Packaging: 4.5/5
The packaging is really demure, understated, simple and natural. Would have liked something cuter thou (:.

Material of mask: 4.75/5
I can't express how much i love love love love love love the material of the mask. I have never used a mask with a fabric this smooth, this thin, and this soft!! It soaked up so much of the essence, such that it even dripped a little while i was taking pictures for the review. It stuck really well to my face, and didn't even fall or slip off when i got around doing my stuff. However, -0.25 cause my mask got torn a little when i tried to pull the mask to reposition it.

Fit of the mask: 5/5
Best fitting mask i have ever felt. Never once did the fabric leave my skin after i fitted it onto my face.

Price: 5/5
$11.90 for 7 pieces, this is really a steal for what you're getting. The material is sooooooo good!

Overall: 4.75/5
Definitely something I'll repurchase. I can't stress on how much i loveeeeeeeee the material of the mask! The moisturizing factor of the mask is really good, and the essence gets absorbed without residue the following day. Thumbs up!

Thank you lush group for sponsoring me with this splendid box of masks!
Join Lush Beauty FB -!/pages/Lush-Beauty-Revealing-your-natural-beauty/272328786236
& Love More Singapore - and stand a chance to win a free box of mask.

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