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Monday, October 10, 2011
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When you're out for the whole day, the first thing you'd want to do when it get home is.... SLEEP.

But after closing your eyes for a couple of minute, you jolt up and realise you haven't remove your makeup!

How many times have you slept with your makeup on because you came home so tired you just can't be bothered with the tedious and time consuming task of removing your makeup and cleansing your face??

The correct answer should be 0 times!

Removing makeup is essential because your skin regenerates at night better than it does in the day. Having makeup on will block your skin from breathing, and will also clog it and cause enlarged pores, blackheads, and pimples! Not removing your mascara can cause stress on it, and make it become thin and brittle!

However, at times like that, being able to go to sleep asap is what you'd hope for! Who wants to spend precious sleeping time doing these...

1. Removing eye makeup

2. Removing facial makeup

3. Cleanse skin using cleanser

Sure, this cleanses your skin so that you can sleep in peace, but they easily take up from 8 to 15minutes of your time to do so! There is, however, a way you can achieve all 3 steps in no more than ONE minute!

The solution is Meltie Ice Cream Melting Cleanser!

Product information, Instructions, and Ingredients:

You will probably not like what you see. Here are 5 common ingredients used intraditional makeup removers
1) Formaldehyde: Used in making paints and explosives. Also used for the preservation of animal carcasses forlaboratory work. Known carcinogen.
2) Mercury: Liquid metal infamous for toxicity. Allegedly used by the Russian KGB in the attempted assassination ofjournalists in 2010.
3) Mineral oils: Used in common oil-based makeup removers. Doubles up as low-grade car and motorcycle engine oilin developing cities.
4) p-Hydroxybenzoic Acid Benzyl Ester: Widely used preservatives known for its carcinogenic effects and strong linksto breast cancer
5) 1-Naphthol and 2-Naphthol: Coal tar derivatives obtained from crude oil distillates. They can be absorbed throughskin and are skin irritants. Oral doses larger than one teaspoon can be fatal. Used in paving roads.

Meltie, however, does no contain any of these!

100% Natural & Organic!
Thick, uglypermanent marker smears were drawn across a model’s face. The model was then given a small smear of Meltie and 1 minute to remove the stains from her face – she did it in 45 seconds. An electron microscope showed clear, unblemishedpores. Meltie had completely removed the unremovable from her pores

Meltie is not only Dermatologically tested, but also Ophthalmologically tested - which means its safe for your skin and your eyes!!

Soo.. instead of spending 8~15x the time more, why not give Meltie a try?
Makeup used:

Scoop a small amount (0.5 ~ 1.5g)

Even though the instructions said to lather the cleanser, i felt that the concentrated cream removed makeup better than the lather. What i did instead was to wet my face and apply the cleanser straight onto my skin and slowly add more water while massaging it to remove my makeup!

After massaging for 1 minute or less, you can wash off the cleanser and feel how clean your face is. To show y'all that it really removes makeup, I wiped the cleanser off with a tissue and here's what i got! *P/s, it's not just foundation, but + blusher and bronzer too

So, what about eye makeup?

Wet your skin (in the case, the eye area)

(I had double eyelid tape on because many people wear them nowadays, and i feel that they'll want to know how well it removes the tape)
Apply the cleanser

Since our eye area's skin is more delicate, i left the cleanser on for about 15 seconds before massaging it, and i felt that it removes the makeup and mascara more efficiently too. Even waterproof mascara! The first time i used it, i used the lather to wash off the makeup and it didn't remove the waterproof mascara well, so i think this method works better.
First thing that came off....

The double eyelid tape!

Repeat the steps with the skin cleansing. Make sure to keep this out of your eyes!

Clean eyelids and happy lashes!

Before and After

Unlike normal cleansers which contains 70~80% water, Meltie only contains 23% water, which makes it more concentrated. Therefore, less amount is needed for it to lather as compared to other cleansers.

Meltie has a lumpy consistency. I feel that it doesn't lather as quickly as normal cleansers because it takes some time before it integrates with the water. However, Meltie does lather easily. I would reccomend using the lather form for normal daily cleansing instead ^^.

Foams up nicely into a thick luxurious foam with just a small amount.

I really enjoyed using Meltie because of it's cute packaging, it's scent, and how convenient it is. It is all natural and it doesn't break me out. Thumbs up for no animal testing!

More about Meltie Ice Cream Melting Cleanser
Comes in 3 'flavours', Aloe Vera, Strawberry, and Lemon

Double sealed for extra hygiene :3.

Such cute colours huh!

Cleansing power: 4.5/5
It cleanses really gently, but deeply enough, definitely good for daily use. Doesn't feel harsh on the skin either. In fact, my skin feels soft and smooth after cleansing! -0.5 cause it isn't able to clean off all type of waterproof mascara.

Packaging: 5/5
Suuuuch a cute packaging! I really liked that they packaged it in such a way, and that it came with a spatula. Although a tub is not as hygenic as a tube, it ensures that we'll be able to get to the bottom of the product, and use every last bit. Can even recycle it after use ^^. The idea is really innovative and it'd definitely be something that catches my eye and I will buy~

Scent: 5/5
It smells so good i don't want to stop smelling it! Strawberry smells like bubblegum, Aloe Vera smells like the QOO drink, and Lemon has a really light and refreshing scent (nothing like mama lemon).

Price: 5/5
Priced at $24.95, this 95g tub can last from 6 months up to a year.. which is really a lot of money saved considering you don't have to buy 3 different products like me for cleansing. Plus, its for all skin types and ages, so you don't have to worry about changing it as you age or if your skin type changes.

Availability: 5/5
Available at simply click on their banner), you can easily get the item delivered to you. Meltie will be launching in all Sasa stores islandwide later this month so you can easily get this where ever you are in Singapore (:.

Overall: 4.75/5
This is really a holy grail product! I think every girl should own at least one of this because it is so convenient. I will be putting one of this at B's so that i can remove my makeup easily and quickly when I'm there ^_^.

Save time, money, and remove makeup quickly with Meltie Ice Cream Melting Cleanser!

Like Meltie's Facebook page for more information/updates, and get your own tub of Meltie here today~. Meltie will be sold at all SaSa outlets from the third week of October so keep your eyes peeled ^^.


  1. The product looks and works amazing!


  2. @Seri
    It is and it does wonders ^^


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