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Monday, October 24, 2011
Sponsored Service & Review
I was invited by Pearlin to go for a Brazilian waxing at Strip around two weeks ago as part of Strip's Campaign with PETA in the battle against fur (both humans' and animals' on our bodies), and I booked an appointment to go for my waxing today (24th October).

You can choose to top up an additional $44.90 or $49.90 to get a pair of Havianas (comes with a bag carrier) and a small post-care kit to bring home ^^ (+ $5 Havianas voucher).

Being a Brazilian wax virgin, I was really excited and nervous at the same time! I arrived at Strip to be greeted by their warm staff and a really comfortable and relaxing environment while I was being briefed about the campaign, and the pre-Brazilian need-to-knows.

Here's Lara, who explained the entire process to me beforehand! Do note that you will be advised not to go for waxing 1 week before or 3 days after your period as your skin tends to be more tender during that period, and you will more likely experience more pain.

Here's how Strip ensures that we have the best waxing experience possible.

After the briefing, I got ushered by my theraphist, Candy, into a cozy little room to prep myself for the waxing.

Strip provides a wet wipe for you to cleanse yourself prior to the waxing session.

The different waxes!

Tiphanie has tried both before, and what she told me was that the Chocolate Wax grips better than the Strawberry, which makes the Strawberry not as harsh as the Chocolate, which means it'll be ideal for Brazilian virgins like me! Candy (my theraphist) said so as well!

The decor of the room. The room was dim-lit and had jazz music playing. The atmosphere was really relaxing and soothing.
The 3 types of 'design' you can choose. Otherwise, you can opt for the all-off one.

Was really glad for the words on the wall because I had something to do (or read) to divert my attention.

When they get to the more delicate area, you'd be ask to 'breathe in' while the therapist rips the wax strip off.

Each therapist will be given this hygiene pack which consists of wipes, gloves, and the sticks. Strip's policy is no double-dips! Each stick is used once only, and then disposed to ensure to notch hygiene standards.

The treatment too relatively quick. Thumbs up for the friendly therapist who made me feel really comfortable. The pain only lasted a while, and i only felt slight pain for 2 of the strips nearer to the central area. Definitely bearable. After the front, you'd be asked to turn over for the crack area.
The wax was heated to a comfortable (not too hot) temperature and the process of ripping out the wax strip was swift. After the waxing and touch-ups, the therapist will help you lightly tweeze off some of the remaining hairs. The therapist will then moisturise the area with some lotion.

I left Strip with nothing but praises for their service, and with my spanking new pair of Havianas Slim in Purple. (You'll get to choose your size). Didn't even feel any bit of discomfort!

Here's what i brought home!

My purple havianas with a heart pinned to the side of my choice.

Small tubes of the body butter and scrub (post care for Brazilian)

And a little reminder for your post-care don'ts!

Want to try it out for yourself?

From now till 30 November 2011, Strip will donate $1 to PETA for every Brazilian Wax done. Liberate yourself and the animals with a Brazilian Wax at $40 (U.P. $58). Here's another good reason to go bare skin and not wear skin!

Update: Strip will be extending this promotion for you guys till the end of Dec! Join the unfurgivable campaign! (:


  1. so what shape did you get?

    this looks very fun and liberating indeed ^_^

  2. @kimyunalesca
    Boring 'ol all-off haha

  3. wow, at last a detailed review on brazilian waxing! from a first timer too! thanks for the review!


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