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Monday, October 24, 2011
Guess what arrived at my doorstep ealier this week??

My Limited Edition October Bellabox (Thanks Jessica!)
First of all, I have to say i really really loved the hot pink box. A little ruined by the courier sticker from Singpost, but I'm still intending to keep it.

For those of you who haven't heard about bellabox, you can check out how it works here

From what I've seen, the contents of the box differ from individuals. I think the way they choose the products is with reference to how you fill out your 'survey' when you sign up for membership, so do fill up the survey to your best-fit choices!

Upon opening the box, i got greeted with a little card from the Bellabox team. Thumbs up for the little details that make you feel so loved.

Listed on the other side of the card, were the products that were in my bellabox.

So, here are my products!

L to R:
Lucy Twistband Hairties
OPI Avojuice Skin Quenches
Aveda Suncare Hair and Body cleanser
Oscar De La Renta Esprit D'oscar
Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair

Honestly speaking, I haven't gotten to try any of the products yet besides the Twistbands.
One set of 3 costs $6.50 on

Here's a minute review for it.

"A good hairband is impossible to find in Singapore. While scrunchies were hot in the 80s, they are definitely not today.

It's time we rock our hairstyle with something more fun, sophisticated and of good quality. Twistbands are chic hair ties that keep your hair secure without pulling or leaving marks.

Best of all, they look as good on your wrists as they do in your ponytail."

Super good for me cause i've been tying up my hair a lot these days and when i do, i never let my hair down because my rubber bands always leave a mark on my hair!

The hairties were thicker than our conventional rubber ones, and feels silky smooth. I tried on the pink one immediately after getting it.

Did it work?
Even though the hair tie was relatively small, it managed to get through my thick hair a good 3 times before securely tying up my hair. Even though it wasn't as tight and secure as i would usually have it, it did a pretty good job of tying my hair up. Now the only question: does it leave a mark? My verdict: It doesn't leave a mark on your hair!!
I was expecting it to be like my usual hair ties, which will leave my hair with the ugly mark but it didn't. Guess i found my new favourite hair tie!

Overall, my feedback on the October Bellabox was that I'd prefer if there was a wider variety. As you can see, 3 of the 5 products were hair-care products, and there wasn't any skincare or makeup products that i was really looking forward to. I was quite disappointed, but that remains unsaid yet because i haven't tried the other products.

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