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Sunday, November 13, 2011
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Yet another product sponsored by TSS for me to review! They make me feel so loved haha. Okay, so anyway, we all know my skin's been pretty bad lately. After finally getting my skin back into better condition, it decided to break out again because its nearly THAT time of the month. Fml... #stabsself.
Okay, that aside.. that's the reason why i didn't want to take pictures for this post, cause my skin looked so bad when i was taking the pictures when i received them):. Not that the product doesn't work, but products like this takes a period of time to see results, and i only began to use it after i was done with my Elicina review.

I'm sure most of you had heard of Eurcerin's DermoPURIFYER range before, and this brand should not be a stranger to you as it's pretty well known. Eucerin came up with 3 new products to add into their existing DermoPURIFYER range!

Following are the products I received!
Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Active Concentrate (30ml $29.90)

The concentrate has a light and watery consistency, and has a clinical smell to it. It glides onto your skin and absorbs very quickly. One pump is enough for the entire face! This is to be applied as a serum, before the moisturiser and after cleansing.

What I like
The consistency. It's really light and absorbs nearly immediately. Leaves my skin feeling velvety (not sticky nor oily) smooth and gives a matte finish. Works well as a makeup base too. For people with really oily skin, you can just choose to only use this and skip the moisturizer!
I've expressed my love for pumps countless of times, so I don't think i need to elaborate anymore on this haha.
What I don't
The scent is not really pleasent, but doesn't smell bad either. Since it doesn't have added fragrances, we can only blame the ingredients. Not much of a problem for me since the scent doesn't seem to linger once the concentrate is absorbed.

Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Active Night Care (50ml $25.90)

The night care is a cream-based night moisturizer that is to be used after the concentrate. The product spreads onto your skin and melts into it really quickly. It gives a matte finish and has that same clinical smell as that of the concentrate.

What I like
The consistency as well. It has a rather silky touch to it and leaves your skin looking matte and flawless and feeling smooth. It comes double sealed which makes it more hygenic.
What I don't
The scent again. It has that same clinical scent, and again it doesn't linger for long so its not a big problem

Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Hydrating Care (50ml $25.90)

The hydrating care is a light yellow cream for day use after the concentrate as a moisturizer. It's consistency is in between the concentrate and night care. It also gives a matte finish but takes longer than the previous two to absorb.

What I like
Amongst all 3 products, this product mattifies your face the best. Probably since it is for day and is really good for students who have oily skin - makes your skin look great before school haha.
Again, the pump :3.
What I don't
The pump - in this case, the pump doesn't allow me to control how much of the product i want dispensed. Maybe due to the fact that i dispensed too much, i found that it didn't absorb quickly and left a powdery/sticky film over my skin when i over massaged it ):.

Here are a couple of consistency 'swatches'

The Eucerin DermoPURIFYER range is available at most leading pharmacies, Guardian, Watsons, Unity, hospital retail pharmacies and National Skin Centre.

Good news for you babes (and hunks cause its unisex) cause Eucerin is giving out samples (+ a $3 voucher) for these 3 products!

Redeem your FREE Eucerin Oil Control Sample set and a $3 voucher HERE


  1. wuahh, these products look really great! will you be providing an update post after more use to see results??

  2. @dollyeyed
    Haha yeah, they're quite promising. I will try my best to, because i usually move on to the next product I'm gonna review after finishing one, but I'll keep your request in mind (:

  3. Hello just wanna check with u i myslef have a acne prone skin problem. For this product 'Eucerin' I've gotten the dermoPURIFYER cleanser, toner and the hydrating care. what's the amount of the hydrating care should i used? Like just i dab or a lil dab? can i used it for day and night? Or only day? Last thing is it cleanser first followed by toner, active concentrate, Hydrating care and the active night care. what if i don't have the active concentrate can i just use the hydrating care? Thanks

  4. @YoungKid
    Hi there! For the hydrating care, the amount i would recommend is probably just a pea to a pearl sized amount, it should be sufficient for your entire face and neck area, and you can use it for both day and night.
    Yes you can just use the hydrating care if you don't have the active concentrate (:.

  5. hey just wanna check with u have u heard of the cream gel? It's the old product which got replaced by hydrating care if im not wrong. but they still have it at some pharmacies is the cream gel better or the hydrating care + night care?

  6. @Lord
    Sorry I haven't heard of it nor have tried it so its hard for me to provide feedback on this


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