Sophie Monk Event @ NAC Guardian

Friday, November 11, 2011
Last week i was invited by Dennis to attend Sophie Monk's Event at NAC's newly opened Guardian. The event was held at the new guardian (not the one new to Watsons, but the new one near Crystal Jade)

I met with Tiph first before we headed over to Guardian where the event was.

There were booths decorated nicely in pink and Dennis showed us some of the Sophie Monk products.

Sophie Monk products are exclusive to Guardian only, so you won't be able to get it elsewhere!

The wide selection of Sophie Monk products

The highlight of the event was actually Makiyo's appearance! Makiyo is Sophie Monk's Brand Ambassador and is half japanese and half Taiwanese - I always thought she was a Japanese who was really fluent in Chinese! She's really petite IRL but her skin is TO DIE FOR. Goshhhhhh. If that's the result of using Sophie Monk products I'll definitely switch to get her skinnnn~~

There were so many people crowding around her and cameras snapping, i felt just like a paparazzo!

Just look at the crowd!

Well, that's about it for the event..... We were each given a box of mask containing the 5 different types of mask Sophie Monk has. I didn't take a picture of it.. but in case you're curious, i did take a picture with it during the event!

That's all! Stay tuned for more product reviews this month as I have tons to go through!


  1. teach us readers how u blaid ur hair :)) in this entry. it's pretty

  2. @Anon
    Thanks dear! I just cut my fringe so its not that long now, but i'll try to with my current and see how it goes k~ If its okay then i can teach hahah <3


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