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Monday, November 7, 2011
Late last month, B and I celebrated our unofficial anniversary with an extravagant breakfast. Not very expensive in general, but expensive enough for breakfast!
$25/pax breakfast buffet at Cocotte!

For the breakfast, we got to choose one main of our choice each and there were free flow drinks, bread, and cereals. We chose our mains and we each got a croissant.

Though this doesn't look much more special from other croissants, trust me when i say its reaaaaally good and possibly the best i ever had. The exterior of the croissant is nice and crispy, but not to the point where it'd shatter like a biscuit when you bite into it, and really nice and soft like how fresh bread should be. Then, midway into the croissant, you'd get a savory buttery taste that's major yums!

The free-flow bar. Loved the bread! You even get to toast it :D.

My cereal

Unlike the ones commercially sold, this is not laden with sugar and just tastes really good! I had corn flakes and something else idk the name of.

B's Maple Bacon Pancakes

He said this was so filling! I'm not really a big fan of maple syrup so i didn't try much of his, but the pancakes were really light and fluffy, but dense at the same time.

My main! Scrambled eggs (you can choose sunny side up or poached) with bacon (or you can choose sausages) with sauted mushrooms and grilled tomato.

BEST EGGS I EVER HAD. Omg i want this nowwwww. The mushrooms were really yummy as well (trust me, this is coming from me, someone who doesn't usually eat mushrooms) and the tomato had a nice grilled flavour. The acidity made it more appetizing for me (i don't usually have tomatoes as well). Filling as well, but i totally finished it all. Believe it or not, the least favourite on my plate was actually the BACON. And bacon's supposed to be one of my favourite food. Imagine how good everything else was. Salivating as I'm writing this post gosh. Can't wait to go back soon!

If anyone's interested, here's Cocotte's website!

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  1. The bacon and pancakes look so delicious!!! followed you ;)


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