Bifesta Bloggers Party

Saturday, November 5, 2011
Last week, I was invited by Mikki to attended Bifesta's blogger party at Mandom.

Yummy cupcakes for the bloggers! Super love the icing!

Me, Lynn, and Tiph!

Me :D

Bloggers waiting for presentation to begin~

New series of false eyelashes from Heroine Make. So pretty~

Somemore Heroine Make products and Bifesta's makeup removers.

We were presented on 3 brands, mainly Lucidol-L, Bifesta (formerly known as Cleansing Express) and Heroine make, which i will cover separately when i review their products!

And we got a demo from Heroine Make Makeup Artists from Japan!

Getting briefed on the proper way of applying mascara!

(Look upward when applying on lower lashes, and downwards while applying onto your top lashes!)

That's me getting to try Heroine Make's Double Eyelid Tape! (Which are suuuuper good!!)

(Thanks Tiph/Lynn for helping me to snap the pic!)
For those of you who don't know, my eyes are unven. Sometimes the double lid don't form on my left eye, so recently, i decided i want to use double eyelid tape for my left eye. The perfect candidate to demo the eyelid tape from Heroine make hahaha. The eyelid tape feels and looks so natural!

Here is the generous goodie bag we got from the event! I'll be doing reviews over the course of November so stay tuned!

Giveaway time!
Like Bifesta Singapore Facebook Page and.. (click on the banner)

Under password, type CDYJ ^^. While stocks last xoxo


  1. Sooo cooool *_* BAHAH that's an awesome goodie bag siofjsdifsjf i mean awesome..

  2. I am not sure how is ur necklace up close but it look like mine!!! :P

  3. The necklace you are wearing really look like mine! lol. I want those falsies! so generous of them :)


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