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Wednesday, November 30, 2011
As i showed a sneak peek last night, you girls (and guys) would have probably know that I got my hair permed! It was sponsored by Shunji Matsuo @ 313 (#03-26) and I'm really digging the results.
Even though i still miss my straight hair, I felt that this is a fresh change since I never had permed hair before! I've also received compliments on my new hairstyle already ^^. Also, my hair stylist, Eddie (Master Stylist w/ 9 years' experience) helped me to trim, style, and layer my hair to such a beautiful shape :3. Oh yes, I also had my parting changed from the right to the left.

I was contacted by Dianah regarding the hair makeover and got an appointment made for 29th Nov, 11am and I was at the salon for a good 4 hours before leaving at 3pm. Thank god for the great atmosphere there (fresh decor, bright lighting) that made me feel really comfortable! (Special thanks to Dianah for keeping me company for the first couple of hours!)

The salon had a really bright and fresh decor that was really modern.

"The salon’s eye-catching bright pink and green polka dotted walls, inspired by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, is accompanied by a modern, minimalist setting that serves to create an energetic atmosphere. Nestled among the beauty boutiques on the third level of 313@Somerset, the salon is recognisable by its “Lovehair” mosaic at the entrance, symbolizing the team’s passion for hair and creativity."

I had my fringe pinned up and this is the last picture of the year with my straight hair!!

The seat was really spacious and comfortable and after discussing with Eddie the hairstyle that i wanted, i got my hair washed. Ahhh the massage was soo comfortable!

Was served green tea!

Before the perming began, Eddie gave me a quick trim to get my hair into shape.

After which they applied a chemical to my hair (which lighted the colour of my dye :D) and left it to be absorbed by my hair. Thinking back, this could very well be the treatment that Eddie mentioned. (The perm doesn't include treatment, but Eddie told me a treatment will be done before the perming process begins)

Then they put cling wrap over my hair!

See some of my hair on the floor? Adios, my super long hair! One thing about the salon is that its kept really clean. Through the 4 hours I sat there, the hair on the floor was swept countless of times!

After that, got my hair rinsed off again and perming was about to begin!

Preparing preparing. Eddie suggested going with digital perm and i asked him what was the difference between that and ceramic perm. Turns out that digital perm is something like the 2nd generation of ceramic perm!

The machine!

A lot of preparations were done to ensure that my perming was as comfortable as possible!

And the perming begins!

The process was a little warm on the scalp, but not to the point where it's unbearable.

I kinda forgot to take note how long it took.... sorry! m(_ _)m

Then, treatment lotion was applied and left on for about 15 minutes.

All done!

My picture with Eddie and i just HAD to look gross in it... So i blocked out my face hahaha

Eddie was really patient and professional when doing my hair for me, he tended to me for the whole 4 hours i was there! He even gave me tips on styling and maintaining my hair etc! My curls are smaller than i initially wanted them, but i chose this size because they will eventually loosen into the way i want them.

[insert pic spam]

[/end pic spam]

Obviously (and expectedly) my hair is now quite abit dryer than when i had straight hair, but what really amazed me was that my hair didn't get damaged (like fried, breakage.. y'know, the "white dots"). That being said, I'm gonna go buy the Orange CMC hair treatment oil for curly hair now ^^. Eddie told me that a treatment like mine (not sure including cut/trim or not) for my hair length will cost $380 before GST and about $360 if your hair length is around your bra strap.

Special thanks to:
Shunji Matsuo @ 313 for the sponsorship
Dianah for extending the opportunity to me
Eddie for making my hair look great now

More on Shunji Matsuo @ 313
Services offered at the salon include shampoo, cut, colour, highlight and perms. Haircuts start from S$35.00 and other hair services range from S$28.00 to S$360.00. A selection of Japanese hair products is also available for customers to purchase.
Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon @313 has a facebook page ( as well as a site ( ^^.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to do this review and all my thoughts and opinion are not influenced by external sources

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