Goodbye straight hair.... for now.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011
I just went for a sponsored hair makeover today... and I got a perm! I can haz curly wurly hair too! Full post tonight or tomorrow :3! Here's a couple of sneak peeks~


  1. Omg, your hair looks great!! Was it a digital perm?? I've been wanting one, but I'm kind of scared about the price. xD

  2. @dollyeyed
    Thanks dear :D. Yup, digital perm! Yeah, they're expensive but it's a fresh change i guess? For my length at Shunji Matsuo @ 313, it will be around $380 SGD (About $360 if the hair length is around the bra strap). It's drying, no doubt, but my hair didn't get damaged at all!

  3. i think u look better with straight hair, to be honest.

  4. @Anon
    Hhaha yeap i know, I was told ^^. Thought I'd give my hairstyle a change :D


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