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Monday, November 28, 2011
Just like most of the girls out there, I'm usually more concened with skincare products than I am with haircare, even though our hair recevies more damage than our skin usually does. Every time you blow dry your hair, expose it to the sun and do chemicial treatments on your hair, your hair is going through a lot of damage that causes stress on your hair. Most of the time, the chemicals will eat through your hair and weaken the core of the hair.

When CMC (Cell membrane complex) is lost due to hair damage, cuticles and Cortex hair cells break away, reducing the water-maintaining ability of your hair - resulting in dry hair that's brittle and more prone to breakage and split ends. CMC exists among cuticles and cortex cells to help them bond with each other and works as a 'path for the water'
A cuticle protects hair from external stimulation and plays a role of holding inside substances and a cortex is a fibrous substance mainly consisting of a protein and accounts for majority (85~90%) of the hair.

Lucido-L's new Hair Make Supplement Treatment Oil contains a CMC-like ingredient that can support the inside of the hair to maintain water and create manageable hair that feels moist up to ends! In short, the CMC-like ingredients fills up the gaps in the hair so that moisture will not be lost from the hair. I got to try out the pink one which is for straight hair (they also have the orange one with a lighter formula for curled hair).

Our hair has always been an important part of our entire 'look'. Therefore, we should always try out best to make sure it's in the best possible condition!

I've recently just trimmed the ends of my hair, so there isn't much damaged ends left, but it doesn't mean that i should wait for them to happen before taking care of it! Prevention is always better than cure!

I usually do 3~4 pumps for my hair ends. To be applied on dry or towel-dried (damp) hair.

And apply to your hair!

Without and With!

The part of hair with the treatment oil looks shinier (in a good way, not the too-oily way) and is more tamed. The oil spreads and absorb into the hair really quickly and doesn't have an oily feeling. I'm not sure how much this retails for, since i got this in a goodie bag as well. I really like the floral scent of it and it feels nice and fresh without being overpowering. Lucido-L products are available at Watsons!

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