Kiss Me Heroine Make Impact Eyelash 06 (Lower Lash)

Thursday, November 24, 2011
Another lash review today! This time, it's Kiss Me Heroine Make Impact Eyelash 06 (Lower Lash).

Among that line of Japanese words, I'm sure you girls can spot the words '' which basically means 'Natural' in Chinese. Therefore, this makes a good beginner pair as well.

The thought of wearing false lower lashes was actually quite taunting for me because i felt that it would never suit me. After wearing it out for the first time when i went out with Himeko and Tsuriki previously, I received compliements on them I never wore them out more than 3x again because it was quite a hassle for someone lazy like me. Plus, the parts of the lashes were individual and it was hard to get the desired eye shape I want. Now that I got more confidence in my applying-falsies skill, I decided to try it again today!

1.5/4 length, 1/4 volume. Relatively natural pair.
As you can see in the picture of the eye on the back of the box, the bottom lashes adds a sense of 'cuteness' and drama to the eyes. Also, noticed how it managed to change the shape of the eye more than compared to usually without the fake lashes? With the fake lashes, it mimics the shape of the eye better (since the bottom of our eyes have lashes as well) and completes the illusion. It also helps to lengthen the eyes when you don't trim off the excess (like i did).
This pair of bottom lashes are actually quite long at the ends, but no problem to pull off it you're wearing full make up. (I suggest when using fake bottom lashes to use top lashes as well so as to balance out the eye better. If you're curious, I was wearing a pair of Dollywink No.6 with a bit of the ends trimmed off cause my eyes weren't that long). P/s: Whenever trimming lashes, always trim from outside instead of the inside!

The lash has a criss-cross design and has a transparent band (+ natural points!)

Here's how it looks when worn

As you can see, that was the way i *treid* to lengthen my eye. It did work, but it wasn't perfect. Well, I'd say i did pretty well for a 5th(?) timer!

Although a full-on set of fake lashes might be a bit intimidating for some, this pair actually looks a lot more natural that I'd expected it to be.

(Taken today during photoshoot)
See how much bigger and more dramatic my eyes look?!!

More pictures might be added when i get pictures from the photoshoot (:!

Lash type: Bottom lashes. Natural

Design: 4/5
Because the lashes have a criss-cross design, they tend to come off shorter than the full length one. Also, it gives a more natural illusion as our lashes are not entirely straight. The important thing for natural-type bottom lashes for me is that the band must be transparent so I won't have to line my bottom eyelid.

Comfort: 4/5
Not much needs to be explained that surely having falsies on will be less comfortable than without, but this pair feels barely-there. It's light and feels really soft.

Ease of use: 3/5
For first timers, this is not the easiest pair to work with. I had to try it a few times before knowing where to stick it properly for my desired eye shape. Also, i didn't trim it cause i was unsure how to.

Price: ??
I'm not sure of the price because this was given to me in the goodie bag.

Overall: 3.75/5
A good starter pair for those who wants to try wearing bottom lashes. They give enough length and volume to be noticed, without going over the top. Plus, comfort is really important in lashes. Practise makes perfect when it comes to ease of use! ^^


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