CLIO Kill Black & Peripura Introduction

Sunday, November 20, 2011
A few days back, I received another parcel, this time from CLIO, and this time, they contained products from CLIO & Peripera.

CLIO Professional’s Kill Black Collection
What do you want most from your eyeliner? No smudges? Waterproof? Long lasting? CLIO’s high flying Eyeliner range gives you just that. A dramatic, intense Kill Black look made for the inner vixen in you. (And just perfect for Singapore's humid weather!)

1. Kill black is beyond real black. The very intense black color can create strong and deep black eyeliner defining all eyes to perfection.
2. Kill Black does not smudge and is waterproof. Long lasting and resistant from water, sweat and all dust.
3. Extremely pliable brush. This brush is so easy to use, even for beginners. It does not cause any irritation thanks to its soft and bouncy texture. The easily manageable brush also allows you to control how much thickness you want from your lashes.
4. No coloration after cleansing. Coloration was the downfall for existing pen liners but not with Kill Black. Lip/eye remover or foam cleanser can be used for swift and perfect cleansing.

Peripera was derived from Persian mythology. The word ‘Peri’ is a mystical pretty nymph whose sexy and unique appearance was admired by all men. ‘Pera’ was the small pouch which helped Peri transform her magic into reality. Peripera symbolizes the beauty secret which Peri possessed and has now has come to life with the help of the brand Peripera. Centered around romanticism and feminine females who understand the power they possess, Peripera offers a full range of beauty products which cater to a your everyday needs.

Peripera is the second brand created by CLIO Professional which was launched in 2005 as a total beauty brand. The instant buzz created around the brand aided by word of mouth, catapulted the brand to where it is today. Its good quality and affordable pricing amongst target consumers become fundamental for Peripera.

They made me feel extra special cause they went the extra mile to package the items so nicely♥! I got to chose from the variety of products, and you'll get to see them when I review them!

Kill Black offers Intense Black Eye-make up created for Asian eyes whereas Peripera offers a full make-up range consisting of eye, lip and overall face make-up..

Peripera is a sub-brand of CLIO Kill Black, and as you can see, Kill Black looks more sultry/sexy whereas Peripura looks really cute and femine! Both brands are now available at NAC & IMM Watsons~ Do check out CLIO's facebook page! I'm reeeeeally in love with Peripera's packaging right now! Reviews for the products will be up as the month goes along~


  1. Niaseeeee!!! I can't wait for ur review! the make loooks yummy, my eyes are yearning for it

  2. @Clara
    Hahah yeah! They really took the effort to package the products nicely~ Will be reviewing soon! ^^

  3. Hey can you do a review on the Clio Gel liner? Im really interested in that product. Thanks!

  4. @Seri + Clara
    Yes babe, I'll be doing a review on it soon! Xoxo!


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