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Friday, November 18, 2011
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Early this month, I received a beautifully packaged parcel from Skin79. It makes me feel that bit more special that they took the time to package the parcel so nicely. The box is soooo pretty!

Skin79 has always been known for their wonderful BB creams that's endorsed by Taiwan Celebrity Jolin Tsai. I'm sure most of you have seen their wide variety of BB creams at Watsons - the ones with the Hot Pink and Gold packaging. Skin79 is actually the very first brand that introduced the BB cream into the market and has since been the Top-seller in both Taiwan and Japan. They have a wide range of BB creams to suit people of all ages and with different skin types and preferences, using ingredients such as gold, pearl, caviar, jewels, and precious herbs.
Skin79 was awarded as the number 1 BB Cream in Singapore, Korea, Taiwan and Japan, Watsons HWB Award 2011 as the Most Wanted Best of the Best BB Cream; and Cozycot Holy Grail Beauty Award for the Best Triple Function BB Cream.

Inside, contained Skin79's newly launched Lovely Girl BB Cream!

Ever noticed how a baby's skin is always soft and velvety smooth? The Lovely Girl BB Cream is actually aimed at achieveing baby-soft skin. To restore skin to it's natural youthfulness, Lovely Girl BB Cream is pure, mild and gentle to the skin, providing adequate nourishment, 24 hour moisture, and protection that our skin needs while providing a natural-looking blemish coverage, leaving skin silky smooth and soft, with a velvety yet light texture.

The BB cream comes in a tube form, and is in a beautiful shade of baby pink. Got that girly feel ^^.

"Lovely Girl BB Cream is made of natural ingredients and is recommended for oily/combination skin types, and is especially suitable for sensitive skin. The light textured BB cream leaves skin silky smooth, velvety and soft - just like a baby's skin.
Packed with vitamins and minerals such as protein and carbohydrates, and chlorophyll that feeds nutrients and restore health and youth to the skin. With Mulberry, Marigold, and Portulaea Oleracca (Purslane) extracts, it rejuvenates exhausted and rough skin, locking in moisture all day long.
Made of porosity powder that prevents oil-shine, it balances the skin tone and leave ou with a fresh, matte complexion throughout the day. Herb complex and chlorella extracts brighten dull complexions while providing natural blemish coverage with protective, revitalizing and healing powers."

Sounds good eh? Now to put the BB cream to the test.

The BB Cream comes double sealed, and i like it cause its more hygienic that way.

Just like usual BB creams, you can just apply it and blend it into your skin with your fingers. Dispense a small amount onto your fingertips. This amount is enough for light coverage all over the face.

Even though it looks a little light, its cause I was using my macro ring light and this is freshly applied.

Here's how it looks after awhile (after oxidisation)

Really soft and natural! Under sunlight, it looks very natural, controls oil well and blends to match my natural skintone. The coverage of the BB cream is light~medium, which i feel is perfect for people who want to have a more natural look. Great for daily work/school use (for poly girls please: primary/secondary school girls should not be wearing makeup to school) as the BB cream does not contain any bits of shimmer. The Lovely Girl BB cream stays on my face well, and gives me a radiant finish. It does make the appearance of pores seem smaller as well.
The only thing about it is that i feel that it gives a dewy finish instead of matte.

The BB cream actually has a peachy undertone which will even out your skin tone without washing you out, which i feel is really perfect!

It has quite a liquidy texture, but is thick enough for it to hold it's form and not drip everywhere.

It blends out really quickly and smoothly, without having to use blending sponges or brushes.

Standard for most BB creams, it only comes in one shade that might be too light for people with darker skin tones. I'm rather fair (M.A.C Medium or NC20/25) and this blends into my skin really perfectly and seamlessly.

I haven't really been a big fan of the previous BB creams because they were quite expensive for me (at that time) and i didn't want to commit to such a big bottle. This however is really affordable (again, for teens) at only $21.90 for 50g. You only need a little each time so trust that this bottle will last you a long time. The Lovely Girl BB Cream is exclusively available at Watsons Stores Islandwide. This has now become my go-to choice of BB cream!

So here are some pictures i took wearing one layer of the Lovely Girl BB cream!~

Special thanks to Skin79 for sponsoring me this lovely Lovely Girl BB cream to review xoxo!


  1. hello! May I know how is the oil control like for the lovely girl bb cream? Cos I have oily skin and most bb cream makes my face even oiler (and looking very shiny) after a few hours.

    Also, does the lovely girl bb cream have a greyish cast when you first apply it?

    Thanks :D

  2. @Carol
    Hi dear, the oil control is pretty decent for the first few hours for me because i don't have oily skin. Since this BB cream gives a dewy finish rather than matte finish, it tends to look 'oilier'. Therefore, i wouldn't really recommend you to just use this without setting with an oil-controling powder if you have really oily skin.
    Nope! This has a really natural peachy colour!

  3. Thanks for your reply :) Happened to stumbled upon your blog while I was googling for bb creams, and I really love your blog! (even went to read back your archives) May I know which loose powder do you use normally?

    Merry Christmas!

  4. @Carol
    No problem dear, Glad to be of help (:. Thanks for the support, hehe! :D. I usually use E.L.F's HD Powder (can't remember the exact name since I'm not home now) or i use a brush to apply M.A.C's Skinfinish Natural.
    Merry Christmas to you too!


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