CLIO Professional Kill Black Brush Liner & Mascara

Friday, December 9, 2011
One of the 4 eyeliners that CLIO Professional sent to me to try out was the Kill Black Brush Liner ($25.90).

I've used products like it before and the products it is similar to is K-Palette's 24 hour Tattoo, Dollywink's Liquid Liner, Or Maybelline's Hyper Sharp Liner, to name a few.

The liner comes packed with a miniature tube of O'tank Volume Mascara.

For a long lasting look, CLIO’s Waterproof Brush Liner & Mascara Kill Black offers
1. Deep black intensity containing carbonblack - a black pigment used in eyeliners and mascara. 2. This waterproof mascara does not smudge and easily washes off without staining your eyes.
3. Brush type for drawing finely, no stimulation

I am currently using brush liners because I don't usually wear thick eyeliner, and brush eyeliners tend to give more precision (in terms of sharper tips/thinner lines) as compared to other type of liners.

Brush liners tend to dispense less product as compared to other types too, but the tricky bit is that the brush head is really flexible so it might be hard to control. Recommended for intermediate users rather than newbies.

First line: Thin Line
Second Line: Thicker Line
Third Line: Thicker Line, gone over twice
As seen by the scribble, the line is easy to control and its consistent. You can easily control whether you want a thicker or thinner line with the amount of pressure applied. I'm only gonna be reviewing the eyeliner because I haven't tried the mascara yet.

One of the thing i really liked about their eyeliner is that they have this 'spring cap' that ensures that you'll cap the eyeliner properly. The cap will 'bounce back' when the liner is not capped tightly. I hate it when sometimes i think the cap is on and it isn't, and it ends up staining my makeup pouch!! For this, you'll know its capped when you hear the 'click' sound!

(I filmed this with the pen liner, but both liners got the same type of caps!) It wasn't actually that hard to cap it, but my pointer finger didn't have enough strength to do so!

Eyeliner type: Brush Liner

Pigmentation: 4/5
Shake well before using it because sometimes the eyeliner doesn't dispense. The pigmentation is good with one layer, and you can add on another layer to get it as dark as i did in the 'swatch'.

Packaging: 4.5/5
Sleek black packaging with gold wordings. What's not to like? I really dig the 'spring cap'!

Availability: ?
Exclusively available at Watsons. Which is like everywhere? However I'm not sure whether they are in all stores yet.

Versatility: 5/5
One product to work in many ways! Can be used for daily wear, or thicken/darken the line for night or a more intense look. The versatility means that it can be used to draw designs as well, which will make it great for photoshoots! That being said, since it is Kill Black, i think it's only available in black.

Waterproof: 4.5/5
Definitely water resistant as it does not dissolve/smudge in water.

Lasting ability: 3/5
The eyeliner doesn't last very well simply because it doesn't take friction well. The swatch on my hand was gone after a few good rubs. Definitely a no-no for people who rub their eyes. That being said, it lasts at least a good 4~6 hours in aircon condition.

Price: 5/5
Such a steal for an eyeliner + mascara. Usually one set will cost you at least $35 (for good brands)

Overall: 4.5/5
Seems like a good investment. This eyeliner (+ mascara) is able to cover your basic eye makeup for a smaller amount of money than it'd normally take you to. Also, Kill Black is a dramatic, intense Kill Black look made for the inner vixen in you (hellllooooo, sexy!)


  1. i can't wait to check this! I'm super crazy about pen liners!!!

  2. @Clara
    Show you both when i see you k! ^^


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