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Friday, December 9, 2011
Here's gonna be a bitchy post after a loooong while. After all, I'm no Samaritan - can't expect me to love and be nice to everyone. There's a limit to everything and honey, you just freaking crossed it. I might lose a reader out of this, but its my blog. I don't blog to please anyone.

So like i mentioned yesterday, i went to run errands all day under the humid weather : meeting up with giveaway winners, collecting some stuff for the giveaway, and after that going to mail the prizes. So after i got home, I browsed a few blogs and one of them was one of the winners of my giveaway. Guess what i saw?

Yup, her blog. Freedom of speech, so fine. I got offended because doesn't it sounded to me like she's implying: "Oh, this is Yijing. She was wearing alot of makeup but i have no idea why it looked like she wasn't wearing any. Maybe she doesn't look like that without makeup"

After ripping my picture off without any credits whatsoever, she wants to go there by commenting on my make up AFTER SEEING ME FOR LESS THAN 20 SECONDS? Sure hun, BE MY GUEST. Oh yes, she also ripped off the 'ratings' (cleansing power, affordability etc) from my Meltie review previously and a few of my pictures all WITHOUT credits as well.

Honestly, i don't think I'm being oversensitive here right? I mean, was it neccessary to add in that comment about me wearing makeup? I doubt so. Plus, my makeup wasn't heavy or whatsoever. You think I'll seriously step out of the house with an inch thick of makeup? What a joke. We all know that when wearing alot of makeup, it's bound to show up on camera or whatever somehow. I was wearing "full make up" (in my book), because i usually go very easy on the foundation/bb cream by using it as concealer and setting with powder. But again, I shan't digress.

So after seeing it, i tweeted

Nothing wrong right? I didn't mention names, so only those who have a guilty conscience will think it's them right? If you didn't comment anything about me, WHY WOULD YOU THINK ITS YOU.

So today, she tweeted to me asking if it was directed at her. I didn't acknowledge or deny, because i thought to just let it pass right? But noooooo, this dear 15 year old couldn't let it down, so she went ahead and accused me of being someone that posted a comment asking her what she meant by that comment about me!
Here's that comment that the person left on her cbox

Here's what she blogged about:

1. If i were to comment, I'd use my name (which i did when i commented) and if i were to troll on someone OBVIOUSLY i won't make it such that there were grammatical errors for this dear girl to pinpoint on, right? Plus, I AM NOT YOU. Just because you'd do it, doesn't mean that I WILL.
2. Coincidence RIGHT....... because I'm the only one who's entitled to use the internet at said time. Oh wait, lets look back at the time i posted my tweet shall we?

Yup. I tweeted AT 11:47PM. If i wanted to comment i would have commented when I saw that comment, NOT after time past.

3. Orchestrated? Please. I won't go through all of the effort to PLAN something like this for you. Please read up on the meaning of the word before deciding to use it and start correcting someone else's english, k. Y'know what? Since i'm in a good mood while writing this post, I'll do it for you.

or·ches·trate [awr-kuh-streyt]
(used with object),
verb (used without object),
-trat·ed, -trat·ing.

1. to compose or arrange (music) for performance by an orchestra.
2. to arrange or manipulate, especially by means of clever or thorough planning or maneuvering: to orchestrate a profitable trade agreement.

4. Writing that post of yours didn't seem like you were 'trying to forget' to me. Yup indeed i took offence because that wasn't my overload of blush but due to the fact that i was rushing to get to the MRT station in the unforgiving weather and my whole face was flushed.

P/S: Alot of blush =/= Alot of makeup. Both of which i didn't have alot of on.
[/end bitch rant] ^~^


  1. 不要生气!is just those typical xiao mei mei who is jealous over your beauty! she need to get a life for sure

  2. 沒有生气 hahahah! I'm so flattered *beams*

  3. Hi YiJing! Forget about it, this kind of people is not worth it to get yourself fired up! :) First time reading your blog btw, followed! :D x

  4. some people are always jealous . Don't worry much about them.You are very beautiful and your blog too.

    Visit mine and follow each other.

  5. Hi Yijing,

    Ignore this kinda of xmm. There are lots of such girls outside. Not appreciative and love to bitch. She will only feel the pain when ppl bitch about her. And nope, your makeup is not that thick to get this comment. If yours is thick, I think hers is just as THICK!~ Plus she got thick skinned.

  6. She doesn't look 15 O.o

    How come nowadays school allowed people to dye their hair ? My school is so strict on that.

  7. @SinYee
    Hahah yeah, ikr! Thanks dear (:.

    Thanks ^^.

    Hahah, the girls nowadays..Thanks babe ^^.

    I didn't show her picture here but i'm not sure whether she's dyed her hair.


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