Narcissus UV Brightening Essence SPF35★★★

Saturday, December 10, 2011
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Ahhh, finally another Naruko product review! I actually received it 2 months ago but only got to doing the review now. Sorry ):.
I've used this product all this while and even featured it in my October Favourites previously. This product, I actually requested from Naruko when they were deciding which products to send to me :P.

Naruko's Narcissus UV Brightening Essence SPF35★★★
The ★★★ basically means it covers the wide spectrum of UV rays, giving you complete protection.

So basically what is this for?

Many women don't bother about putting on sunscreen when they're exposed to UV rays but it is actually one of the factors that causes premature aging and pigmentation on the face! UV rays can penetrate through clouds and windows so it's crucial to wear sunscreen even when you're not directly exposed to the sun.

Even though this is an essence, you're supposed to use it at the last step of your skincare like you would with your usual sunscreen.

The high points of your face are the parts that get most damage from the UV rays - just like how when you get sunburned, it's usually the nose and

See how natural the finish looks?

As if it's not even there! Unlike some sunscreens, this does not leave a white cast and gives a moisturized and supple feel rather than an overly-oily feel! (However, this product might still be too rich for people with oily skin, so people with oily skin, keep to oil-free sunblock!)

Packaging: 5/5
I like the slim bottle and the fact that it's easy to carry around and that it's a really elegant shade of purple.

Versatility: 4/5
This product is good for daily use, when you're not gonna be constantly under the sun.

Product efficiency: 4.5/5
It blends really easily without leaving a white cast, and looks very natural. It doesn't have an oily after-feel and feels light and barely-there on skin. The brightening aspect of this wasn't very obvious though (mild).

Price: 4/5
$25.90 for a product with multiple purposes is not a high price to pay (:.

Overall: 4.25/5
My current daily go-to sunscreen because it's fuss free and easy to use! Saves time, and i get done with it within a minute ^^. It also preps my face well before using skincare. Since this has SPF 35, you'll have to use a makeup remover to remove!

Prevention is always better than cure! Prevent the damages of UV ray on skin before it gets too late with Naruko's Narcissus UV Brightening Essence SPF35★★★ ^^

*Disclaimer on Naruko product reviews: I'm not paid to do this review and my thoughts and review are not in any way influenced by any external sources.


  1. Hi Yijing! This is my first time to your blog and I got here looking for reviews of Naruko's Narcissus UV Brightening Essence.

    I'd like to know what kind of skin type do you have, and I noticed on the packaging that the product is described as hydrating, but do you agree that it is? I have combination/oily skin, and as I'm working, I will be in an air-conditioned room for long periods. I'm looking for a moisturiser with SPF that hydrates but isn't greasy; do you think this might fit the bill?

  2. @Rachel
    Hi babe (:.
    I have normal~combination skin dear. Yes, the product is indeed hydrating because it's not only a sunscreen, it is an essence as well. This really isn't greasy and absorbs really quickly and would probably be good for those who will be in air-conditioned conditions for a long period of time because it keeps the skin well hydrated and it only takes a minute if you need to reapply. However, like I mentioned, i won't recommend this to people who have really oily skin. That being said, you can easily just mattify your face with some powder. Hope this helps! (:

  3. That was quick. Since Naruko products are quite affordable, I think I'll just give it a try. Thanks! :)

  4. @Rachel
    I'm usually online around this timing ^^. No problem babe, hope you it'll work for you xx (:


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