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Tuesday, December 13, 2011
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I recently reviewed the Brush Liner from CLIO Professional, and in there i mentioned about the Pen liner, which is similar to the brush liner but has a felt tip and is less flexible (similar to Maybelline's Impact Express Smooth Felt Liner). Today I'll be reviewing it, together with the Kill Volume Mascara that was sent to me.

I actually took pictures for the review after i got home, so i have a coat of mascara on my eyelashes prior to this.

Kill Black Waterproof Pen Liner ($22.90)


Unlike the brush liner, this dispenses a lot more product and bleeds into the skin a little. The lines are thicker as well, but easier to control. Sometimes when lining my eye i just press the sides onto my eyelid rather than actually drawing a line!

Time to test it out!

Beginner's tip! When drawing eyeliner, start from the center out and then connect the front to the center. Trying to draw the whole line at one go is a disaster!

Pigmentation: 5/5
The colour output for this product is extremely good. One coat is enough to get that 'kill black' look!

Packaging: 4.5/5
Similar to the brush liner, this comes in the almost same packaging with a Black colour and gold wordings. This also comes with the 'spring cap'!

Versatility: 4/5
As compared to the brush liner, this is less versatile because it is unable to get lines as thin and precise as the former. That being said, this eyeliner is definitely easier to beginners to control.

Waterproof: 5/5
Waterproof-ability is the same as the brush liner's. Doesn't smudge/run/dissolve in water.

Lasting ability: 3.5/5
Again, this doesn't last well against friction or those who have oily lids. However i think that because this dispenses more product and is more pigmentated, it tends to last longer as compared to the brush liner.

Price: 4.5/5
A couple of dollars more expensive than usual drugstore brands for the same type of eyeliner.

Overall: 4/5
I would recommend this for beginners but being an intermediate user myself, i'd prefer the brush liner (also cause i don't usually wear alot of eyeliner). This is good for those who like to apply more eyeliner to give the impression of bigger eyes. (More pictures at the end of the post)

Next up, the (Kill Volume Mascara $29.90)

The brush had one flat side, and one side that was slightly more curved - to better suit the contours of our eyes.

(These pictures were taken after i was done with the eyeliner)
Apply onto lashes!

Don't forget the bottom!

Pigmentation: 5/5
Very pigmented mascara. One coat was enough to make bottom lashes visible, and two coats just made it pop.

Packaging: 3.5/5
Not a big fan of that shade of gold because it looks quite dusty, but overall it has a chic design.

Wand design: 4/5
The wand made it easy for me to reach the lashes, but at the same time the bristles were abit too long for me to coat the bottom lashes with ease.

Product efficieny: 4/5
The product really volumized my lashes a whole lot and held the curls relatively well. It clumps a little but that's not much of a problem. Like i mentioned previously, my eyelid is slightly oily so this does tend to 'print' on my bottom lids a little aswell. Removal is swift and easy, without having to rub or tug on your lashes too much.

Price: 3.5/5
Honestly speaking, $29.90 is a little expensive to pay for a tube of mascara, even though this tube is bigger than mascaras usually are. This mascara will be great for people with long but thin lashes.

Overall: 4/5
Will be good for those who want to get very black and visible lashes, or those who need their mascaras to last very long because they don't have the time to keep repurchasing. I'd recommend this for those with long but thin lashes because this product doesn't lengthen much.

Pictures after using both products

Get your perfect Kill Black look with CLIO Professional!~ (Pardon my act-sexy+1 eye pictures okay!)

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