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Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Finally a nail post after so long! Reason being i have been lazy to do my nails but i thought I'd give it a try with FACE Atelier's Shimmer (one of the products in the Holiday Gift Bag from Luxola that I'm giving away) since i got inspired to do so. The best thing about pigments is that they are really versatile and easy to use.

A small tub of pigments like this is able to last you for very long since you essentially don't need alot each time when you use them, and is very versatile since you can use it on your eyes, face, lips, and even nails!

This shimmer (as quoted from my sis) has a champange base with a peachy/bronzey feel to it and i feel that it'd go very well over a peachy nude base.

This 'tutorial' is simple - so simple that i can get both my left hand's fingernails and right hands' fingernails to both look good!
I started with applying a base coat to my nails and applied 3 coats of Essie's Naked Truth (322) to my nails and waited till it's about 90% dry. 90% dry so that your fingerprints do not show on the nail, but it's 'sticky' enough so that the pigments will stick.

I then used my finger to pick up a very small amount of the pigment (a little goes a long way because the particles are really fine) and dabbed them onto the tip of my nail, slowly pressing lightly downwards to create a gradient effect.

Finish off with top coat and you're good to go!

Close up!

I love how the pigments were so easy to work with, and complimented the colour perfectly. This understated gradient nail design is suitable for any occasion, and i got it all done within 10 minutes (with fast drying top coat). For a more dramatic effect, you can top it off with clear polish that contains bigger pieces of glitter on the tip of the nail!

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