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Friday, December 30, 2011
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I'm sure this brand is now no longer a stranger to you girls. I've previously blogged an introduction to CLIO and Peripera, Korean brands which recently hit Watsons stores in Singapore, as well as featured Peripera in my November Favourites because of it's beautiful packaging that took my breath away. Today I'm going to review the 2 eye shadows that were sent to me.

Instead of like the usual reviews, I'm going to omit the ratings and instead, I'm going to be doing more of writings along with the pictures as the review proceeds. Let me know which type of reviews do you girls prefer aye!

When i was contacted for the review, i was given the chance to select the colours of the different products that I want, and for the eye shadows, the two colours i've chosen are Sheer Beige and Brown.

(continues swooning over the packaging)
Yes i know they're boring colours but in my defence, i don't usually wear eyeshadow (also because i have very little lid space so they don't sit/look well on my lids) so i think a good way to get my started is to wear neutral-natural colours that can wearable daily, and will match anything i wear + match any other lip colour.

The eye shadow's packaging is pretty enough to get me to want to buy all of them even though i don't use eyeshadow often.. *facepalm*. Did i mention i have another like 5 eyeshadow palettes that are unopened as well?? *facepalm x2*

One of the reasons why it took me awhile before getting to do this review was because I didn't bear to ruin the beautiful imprint on the eyeshadow...

As you can see, the imprint that's embossed is really pretty. Just looking at this makes me happy enough *grins*. That aside, it's apparent that the powder is very finely milled.

The eyeshadow is made in Korea, which gives me assurance when using it~

True Colour and Swatches
A matte colour. I feel that it's a great colour to use to contour the eyes and even the nose!

On top is the initial swatch when using my finger, and the sheer-er bottom shade is after blending.

Sheer Beige
A shimmery cream colour that's perfect for using as a base, or a highlight colour.

On top is the initial swatch when using my finger, and the sheer-er bottom shade is after blending.

The eyeshadow isn't too soft (or hard) and blends easily into the skin to give a soft and natural look, lasts for long, and the pigmentation is build able as well. The price is pretty reasonable too, going at only $7.90 each, this gives amazing colour offput and is a steal for its quality. Apparently, there are 10 shades to choose from, ranging from colours like green to hot pink. Peripera My Colour Eyes is exclusively available at Watsons.

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